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Mount Kailash Tours 2021/2022

The Mount Kailash is considered to be the center of the world by the followers of Hinduism, Jainism, Bon and Tibetan Buddhism. Every year, countless followers of these 4 religions would go to Tibet for a Mount Kailash Tour. Most followers would also do some religious worship during a Mount Kailash Kora.

Most international tourists are not followers of any one of the 4 religions, but the charming mountain scenery and sacred local culture make Kailash also appealing to them. Our local insightful tour guide will make the kora even more attractive with the unknown history and story about the Kailash. Besides, tourists would be shocked by those devout followers during the kora.

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Mt. Kailash Tour FAQ

  • Why to take a Mount Kailash Trekking?

    Mount Kailash Trekking, aka Mount Kailash Kora, is a must-do activity for the believers of Tibetan Buddhism, Bon, Jainism and Hinduism. They believe it would be a great honor to die at the foot of the mountain. Tourists, who are not believers of these 4 religions, could admire the mountain view and see how the believers do religious worship during the trekking.

    Local people believe it is a good omen to see the top of Mount Kailash covered by beautiful sunshine. If you are fortunate enough to see this scenery, why not stop to make a wish?

  • Which religions consider Mount Kailash the center of the world? Why?

    Followers of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon and Jainism consider Mount Kailash the center of the world. In order to worship the center of the world, they are keen to take a Mount Kailash trekking (kora).

    Mount Kailash is the headstream of many long rivers and lakes, such as Manasarovar Lake and Lhanag-tso Lake, Indus River, Sengge River, Jamuna River and Karnali River. The four religions were created in the valleys of these lakes or rivers, so it was easy to make the followers of these four religions believe Mount Kailash is the center of the world.

  • Why do the followers of the four religions take a Mount Kailash kora?

    They believe trekking around the Mount Kailash could wash away their sins. They also believe if they take the 52-kilometer-long (32 miles) trekking for 10 times, they would not be thrown into hell after death. If they take it for 100 times, they would rise to heaven after death. Some followers even think the they should only take one day to finish trekking, which normally needs three days. This means they have to walk very fast for 15 hours. It is extremely dangerous to do it in an area, where the altitude is over 5200 meters and where there are aggressive animals.

  • How much to hire porters for a Mount Kailash Trek?

    Normally it costs around 280 CNY to hire a porter to carry one suitcase for one day during a Mount Kailash trek. For example, if you have two suitcases, you would pay 560 CNY to the porters for one day. It takes 3 days to finish the trek, so you would have to pay 1680 CNY to them. During peak season (May 1st to October 31st), the price may go up 300 CNY per suitcase per day.

    Most tourists need to hire a porter for the trek. In order to avoid inconvenience, please let us know if you also want to hire a porter before you enter Tibet.

  • Can my kids join in a Mount Kailash trek tour group?

    No, it might be a big problem for kids, who are under 12, to take a Mount Kailash trek, because they are not fully grown yet, so generally speaking, they are not so strong as adults. It could be fatal if they have altitude sickness during the trek, which is 52 kilometers long and usually takes 3 days. Especially for the second day of the trek, tourists have to trek on mountain road, where can’t be reached by car, so it would be extremely dangerous if a kid’s symptom of altitude sickness become more serious in the second day. An adult would be more likely to overcome it than a kid.

    However, it is ok for kids to visit those areas where there is lower altitude, such as Lhasa, Shigatse and Nyingchi.

  • Is it safe to take a Mount Kailash Trek?

    Yes. Mount Kailash, is the most sacred mountain, but not the highest mountain in Tibet. Although the mountain stands 6656 meters above the sea level, the trekking area’s altitude is only between 4600 meters and 5600 meters. If tourists follow our tour guide’s instruction, there should be no problem for most tourists to enjoy the trek.

    It is suggested to stay in Lhasa for several days to get acclimatized to high altitude before leaving for Mount Kailash to start the trek. Some tourists would take some medicine to lessen the symptom of altitude sickness before they enter Tibet.

  • How many days does a Mount Kailash trek take?

    Normally it takes 3 days to finish the 52-kilometer-long trek. The first day’s trek, with a length of 15 kilometers, is from Darchen to Dirapuk; The second day’s trek, with a length of 24 kilometers, is from Dirapuk to Dzultripuk; And the third day’s trek, with a length of 13 kilometers, is from Dzultripuk to Darchen.

    Some local Tibetan may finish the trek in one or two days, but it almost impossible for international tourists to do it. According to our customers’ feedbacks, 3 days allows them to see most attractions during the trek at a relaxing pace.

  • Can senior tourists take a Mount Kailash trek?

    Whether to take a Mount Kailash trek depends on tourists’ health condition rather than age. If senior tourists are planning a trip to Tibet, they are suggested to ask advice from a doctor. Traveling to Ngari area, where the Mount Kailash is located, requires even better health condition than traveling to Lhasa or Nyingchi, where the altitude is relatively low.

    Besides, there are less plants in Ngari area than other places in Tibet, so the oxygen content in Ngari is lower than other places. Our tour guide would prepare oxygen for tourists for emergency use. The most aged tourist for whom we have ever arranged a Mount Kailash trek, was 72 years old when he traveled to Tibet in 2016.

  • What is the best time for trekking in Mount Kailash?

    Actually, the best time for Mount Kailash Trek is from June to September. The weather won't be very cold at this time, which is more suitable for Mount Kailash Trek. For foreign travelers, there is another special time to have a Kailash trekking tour.

    Perhaps you have heard that legend.

    One circumambulating trip can erase all sins of a lifetime, ten can save the pilgrim from the hell in reincarnation; and hundred journeys around the mountain can cultivate into Buddha. Mount Kailash is not the highest in Tibet though, but it is the only peak shining fantastically under the sunshine with snow all year round. So it attracts tourists all over the world to visit here for a whole year.

    The festival of Saga Dawa, marks the enlightenment of Sakyamuni, and occurs on the full moon day of the fourth Tibetan month (June or July). During this time, hundreds of the Tibetan locals will have a trekking tour around Kailash with the international pilgrims. And you can see many religious ceremonies that are rarely seen in ordinary days. So, it’s the best time to explore Tibetan culture.

  • Are there any age and nationality restrictions on traveling to Mount Kailash?

    Except Bhutanese nationality, there have no age and nationality restrictions on traveling to the Mount Kalish (including the Mount Kailash Trek). However, we believe you have already seen that pilgrimages around the mountains are made in the most primitive way on the Internet or in the movie. Along with the devoid of vegetation, harsh climate, thin air, and unpredictable weather, and because of the extremely bad geographic situation and climate condition, to have a Mount Kailash trek is never to be easy. Although there is no age restriction for traveling to Mount Kailash, you have to be strong enough to do it.

  • What kind of people are not suitable to go to Kailash?

    Due to the extremely bad geographic situation and climate condition, to have a Mount Kailash trek is never easy. Anyone suffering from cold, heart disease, high blood pressure and brain disease is not suitable to visit Mount Kailash. The average altitude of Tibet is over 3500 meters, for tourists suffering from these diseases, coming to such a high-altitude place like Mount Kailash is not a good idea. And we don’t recommend people who is under the age of 12 and over 70 to go to the Mount Kailash. It’s really dangerous for them and they cannot enjoy the tour as well.

  • How about the accommodation in the Mount Kailash?

    Accommodation are relatively limited on the road to Mount Kailashd due to the rapid development of the tourism industry in Tibet in recent years.

    There are a lot of hotels and guesthouses at Darchen. However, large numbers of pilgrims will visit the mountain between July to August. Most of famous hotels are often fully occupied in peak seasons. If you are going to visit Mount Kailash, you’d better book your tour with travel agency at least 2 months in advance, so that they can guarantee you have a better accommodation.

  • What documents are needed to go to Mount Kailash?

    The travel documents needed largely depend on where you plan to visit Mount Kailash. For foreign tourists, if you prefer to visit Mount Kailash from Lhasa, it requires the essential document entry letter-Tibet Travel Permit. If you plan to go to this border area, you still need to obtain a border permit. You will also need to obtain military approval if you go to Mount Kailash. If you decide to visit Mount Kailash from Kathmandu, in addition to the above three documents, you need to have Chine group visa to enter Tibet. You need to set aside at least 3 days in Kathmandu to process Group Visa with your original passport. But please don’t worry about the documents, after you book a tour with our travel agency, we will arrange all of these documents for you.

  • What do I need to bring for Kailash trekking?

    If it is the first time you come to the Mount Kailash Trek, be certain that you have prepared well before you begin planning your trip and planing your trip by your personal strength. As a matter of experience, the following is a list of some must-have gears:

    (1) Small backpack, Gloves, Trekking pole, Headlamp, sun cream, sunglasses;

    (2) Hiking boots, Hiking socks, insulated jacket, outdoor or fleece jacket and pants, down or fleece sleeping bag;

    (3) Food, insulated thermos, stove, fuel bottle, a set of cookware;

    (4) Personal medicine, don't forget to bring some medicines that prevent altitude sickness.

  • Is it convenient to see a doctor if I experience altitude sickness while trekking?

    Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is the most important medical problem while trekking. Also known as altitude sickness, the effect of altitude on those who ascend too rapidly to elevations above 3,000 meters can range from mild to severe, depending on the person. The average elevation of Mount Kailash is about 5,000 meters, and the highest point is the Chomala pass, which is 5,630 meters high.If you experience altitude sickness during travel, please stop climbing, otherwise there will be more serious problems. Because of its remoteness, it is difficult to find a place for treatment in a short time. The only cure for altitude sickness is to walk to lower altitudes. You can rent or buy oxygen cylinders at the hotels in Darchen. It is strongly recommended that you bring one just in case. Otherwise you can prepare some drugs for altitude sickness, take it in advance, it will also be helpful to you.

  • How can I transport to Mount Kailash?

    There is no direct flight, train or long-distance bus to Mount Kailash from China Mainland. You need to enter Tibet first, usually via Lhasa, from other cities in China by train or flight, and then take a car ride to Ngari. There is an airport in Ngari, planes from Lhasa to Ngari are available.

    The scenery of Qinghai-Tibet Railway is amazing. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way,such as snow mountains, lakes, jungles, grasslands, wildlife...This transportation is recommend for you. However, if your time is limited and you only want to visit the Mount Kailash, you can also fly directly from Lhasa to Ngari, it will take around 2 hours, and the cost could be relatively expensive.

  • Can Indian passport holders go to the Mount Kailash through travel agency?

    According to the regulations, travel agencies are not able to arrange Indian Passport Holders to visit Mount Kailash. If Indian passport holders want to have a trip to Mount Kailash, they need to book it through Nepal or an Indian travel agency that has a cooperative relationship with the Pilgrim Center and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Because only these two agencies can legally serve Indian passport holders in Tibet operates Mount Kailash tourism. Although we are not capable of arranging trips to Mount Kailash for Indian tourists, we are still willing to provide you with free consultation and any possible assistance.

  • What is the length for a Mount Kailash trek? How long does it usually take to complete the trek? What is the length for a Mount Kailash trek? How long does it usually take to complete the trek?

    The path around Mount Kailash is 52 km long, it can be completed in 3 days on general. A person in good shape walking fast would take perhaps 2 days to complete the entire trek. It depends on your strength and schedule. However, some pilgrims believe that the entire walk around Kailash should be made in a single day, which is not considered an easy task.

    Taking a Mount Kailash Trek is a persistent pursuit of many faithful travelers. As long as you have strong perseverance, you can easily accomplish this goal. The classic route covers around 38-40 kilometers. You can see many devotees prostrating and praying on the road along the way and you will be impressed definitely.

  • Is it convenient to eat on the way to Mount Kailash?

    The real mysterious place of Tibet is the Mount Kailash in Ngari, which is 1300 km far away from Lhasa. After you leave the Shigatse city, you may see yurts along the trekking path. You can rest in the yurts. They provide traditional Tibetan dishes, like buttered tea, instant noodles and beverages. And the hostel near temples can offer some simple dishes, but the meal conditions is very bad. Therefore, it is recommended for you to bring some durable food and a cooking stove, you also need bring a set of cooking utensils to boil water and cook before traveling. So that you can cook some simple meals by yourself.

  • Can I go to the Mount Kailash in winter?

    Tibet can be visited all year round, but it still depends on which region you go to. Overall, the weather is usually dry and fresh, with clear skies and bright sunshine in winter. However, it can get down to temperatures ranging from 4-5 degrees to as low as -12 degrees in the daytime, with nighttime temperatures hitting well below freezing all across the region. Because of its high altitude and remote location, no tourists come to Mount Kailash in winter. Besides, roads to Mount Kailash will be blocked by snow in winter.

  • Can I take a shower near the Lake Manasarovar?

    Yes. Mount Kailash is located on the southern side of Lake Manasarovar in the Kailas Range, with an altitude of 4,588 meters and an area of 412 square kilometers, the deepest part of the lake reaches 77 meters. Actually, Lake Manasarovar can hardly get into the lists of top snowy plateau lakes in size,so as in depth, height or beauty. However, a most magical scenery will appear when it is sunny here. Peaks covered with snow leave reflections in the slightly rippling surface, accompanied to which are the blurred images of distant mountains around the blue lake. It maybe the scenery made of god. Some devout Hindus will travel long distances coming to the Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar to make a pilgrimage every summer and autumn. What' more, they will take a bath in the lake, in order to eliminate diseases and prosperity, prolong their lives and to seek merit. They will also bring some water from the lake and take it home as a precious gift for relatives and friends.

  • Is it worth going to Mount Kailash without trekking?

    Mount Kailash can be seen clearly on National Highway 219 and can be seen clearly or even wholly without turning the mountain (Mount Kailash's face), but generally watching it is by the book a ticket and go in. Because it is too close to the central peak, and there is a mountain in front, which will hind a bit part of the view. So it is better to see it on the national road, you don't have to trek the mountain, it is worth driving there and taking a look. Mount Kailash Trek is a sacred belief for the locals. You can see a very detailed description of the major landscape during the whole peregrination in the various travelogues.

  • Is Mount Kailash hot in summer?

    Tibet’s summer is from June to August, is also the peak time and the best time to visit the Mount Kailash. This time of the year is a good to travel, whether it is hiking or admiring mountains and lakes. The weather is fine and hotter than you might expect, though still cooler than most areas at this latitude. Temperatures during daytime can range from 12 degrees to as high as 22 degrees across the plateau, But it's still cold in the morning and evening,especially at Drolma La Pass, the nightly temperatures only drop to around freezing or 1-2 degrees at the coldest.

  • Can people over 70 years old go to Mount Kailash?

    In general, it will be no problem as long as you don’t have any cardiovascular, cerebrovascular or pulmonary diseases. Age is not an obstacle to pilgrims traveling to Mount Kailash, as long as your physical condition is good. The environment here is harsh, and it varies with different individuals. For a small group tour, there are no yaks to hold your luggage. You need to do it by yourself and trek on the plateau with an elevation of 4,000 meters. Of course, you could hire a yak or a porter to carry the luggage. Or ride a horse to finish the trekking. Please look for some professional advice from your doctor as well in case of any unexpected situation.

  • Can I take a road trip to the Mount Kailash?

    Road trip is allowable for Chinese tourist. Chinese tourists can drive to the Mount Kailash themselves by applying for a border control card at the police station where their citizen account is located. However, due to long-distance and unknown road conditions, there are many rugged and staggered roads. It is easy to get lost, so tourists are not recommended to come here by car. But road trip is not allowable for foreign tourists and Taiwan tourists.

  • Can yak, horse or porter be rent in order to help with luggage while hiking in Mount Kailash?

    Some tourist will have physical difficulties during the trek because they do not have trekking experience before. It is challenging to complete the 52-kilometre mountain transfer without a strong will. But you can rent a yak, horse or poter to help you carry the luggage, the cost is calculated by the day. You also can contact the Yak Transport Service Centre, this office in the northwest of Darchen is the place to hire a porter, a yak or a horse for the trek around Mt Kailash. All charge for a minimum of three days. Daily rate is fixed at ¥210 per porter, or ¥240 per day per yak. Horses are expensive at ¥310 per day and a ¥100 service fee is added to every booking.

Customers' Reviews
  • Time:30-06-2019

    I had an amazing, memorable trip with Amy/Odyssey: 9 days incl. Lhasa, EBC and Namtso Lake. Amy's service was excellent. From our first contact until after the trip all communication and organisation was very fast, clear and exhaustive. Our guide, Sun, made the whole trip even better. He is a really great, funny and laidback guy, proud Tibetan with very good knowledge of all relevant topics. Take into account that the pronounciation of English by Tibetan people/guides is of a different level than that of native speakers, and when you listen a bit more active than you normally do everything will be clear. The hotels were of a higher standard then expected which was really nice to start and finish the day. I recommend Amy/Odyssey to anyone planning a trip to Tibet! I will definitely go again with them on my next Tibet trip. June was a great time for weather and Tibetan festivities which made trip even more special.

  • Time:26-05-2019

    Wir reisten im April diesen Jahres (gute Reisezeit) nach Tibet, mit Tibet Odyssey Tours als Reiseveranstalter. Es hat uns sehr bewegt und wir träumen immer noch von unserer Reise nach Tibet, von der frischen Luft, den grünen Seen, den majestätischen Bergen und den vielen weiteren Sehenwürdigkeiten. Wir möchten unbedingt erneut nach Tibet. Die Einheimischen waren besonders freundlich zu den Touristen. Ein paar sprachen zwar kein Chinesisch, aber sie haben uns angelächelt und uns somit hallo gesagt. Wir haben uns einfach sehr Wilkommen gefühlt. Tibet Odyssey Tours ist eine perfekte Reiseagentur und wir hatten einen Tourguide mit viel Humor, Ortskenntnissen und Einfühlungsvermögen : ) Auf unserem Weg zum Everest Base Camp hat er uns stets gute Orte für Fotos empfohlen und er hat sich gut um uns gekümmert, z.B. wenn jemand an der Höhenkrankheit litt. Er war stets besorgt um unsere Gesundheit und hat uns jederzeit immer geholfen. Wir haben eine Nacht im Everest Base Camp geschlafen. Die Erfahrung war einmalig. Leider gab es nur eine öffentliche Toilette und es war sehr kalt, aber unser Guide hat uns mit den bescheidenen Mitteln, die vor Ort vorhanden waren, geholfen. Er hat sogar für Licht mit seinem Handy gesorgt. Diese Hilfsbereitschaft hat uns wirklich sehr bewegt. Die Reiseagentour können wir nur wärmstens empfehlen. Hier gilt unser spezieller Dank Amy, die sich sehr viel Mühe gegeben hat.

    Unsere nächste Tour buchen wir wieder dort.

  • Time:15-06-2018

    With the accompaniment of our experienced driver and guide-Lomsang. I forgot the name of our driver. Terribly sorry. He did a great job. Our guide is fluent in English, we had no problem in communicating. He made us laugh during the long drive and took care of my daughter. We had altitude sickness when we were at the tent of Everest Base Camp, he didn’t sleep well also in order to look after us. He also explained tibetan culture clearly which I find it pretty interesting. We would like to thank him for making our trip in tibet extraordinary. We were lucky to book a tour with Tibet odyssey tours.

  • Time:06-06-2019

    I had a wonderful 9 days trip in tibet. I enjoyed very aspect of this trip. Registration and organisation was very easy, and the driver was very kind and enthusiastic, so we weren't bored even during long distances. The food was great, and I especially enjoyed the purple sweet potato. The staff were polite and did their best to make us feel comfortable and listen to our needs.

    I felt comfortable with everyone I met on this trip. I truly felt as if I had experienced and witnessed the lifestyle of Tibet, and I definitely recommend this place to other travelers. If the chance arises, I would like to go on this trip once again.

    Thanks Amy, Tashi; he was a fantastic guide and my sweet driver; he made me laugh a lot. Oh, don't forget to bring a lot of headache tablet you might need a lot.

  • Time:05-08-2019

    My best friend and I were looking forward to taking the train ride from Xining to Lhasa. Unfortunately, until the day we landed in Chengdu, our tour operator (different from Asia Odyssey) was unable to purchase the tickets for us. I contacted Danny after Googling and he was extremely helpful. Within 3 hours of contact, he had our train tickets. They were delivered to our hotel the next day before we left for Xining, and until we boarded the train, he was in contact with us to ensure that everything went smoothly. Thanks to Danny, we got to experience this once in a lifetime journey! Highly recommended for excellent and fast response! Thanks, Danny!

  • Time:21-09-2018

    It was the first time we went to Tibet. Too much things we need to arrange, itinerary, travel date, tickets, permit…We were lucky to have had Kay handle our plan. She was professional, efficient and dealt everything in order. Our trip went smoothly as planned. We visited Lhasa, yamdroke lake, Everest, the beauty of Tibet was beyond my expectation except the altitude sickness.