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How to Apply for Tibet Travel Permit in China

According to the laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China, for the people without identity of Chinese citizenship, that is to say, foreign travelers, Taiwan travelers and overseas Chinese(except for Hong Kong and Macao residents who have the passport of Chinese Special Administrative Region or Home Return Permit), shall process the Travel Confirmation Letter (namely Tibet Travel Permit or Tibet Travel Paper) issued by Tourism Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region before entering Tibet.

Except for diplomatists, journalists and governors, all other tourists can get the Tibet Travel Permit through the qualified local travel agency in Tibet. We can provide you with one-stop service for your necessity.

It’s the first choice to enter Tibet from China Mainland for many tourists. There is the guide prepared by us for you to issue Tibet Travel Permit for entering Tibet from China Mainland.

I The necessary certificates

(I) Passport, Chinese Visa

Except for the countries which are exempt from Chinese Visa, foreign travelers or mountain climbers shall hold the valid passport and Chinese Visa issued by Chinese Embassy. You shall get the passport and Chinese Visa before issuing Tibet Travel Permit. For Chinese Visa, you can apply for it in Chinese Embassies abroad or in Hong Kong.

(II) Other certificates for Visa

For the travelers working in China, in addition to residence permit, Certificate of Employment, Income Certificate or employment contract are necessary to provide.

For the travelers studying in China, studying certificate and student ID or Letter of Admission are necessary.

For the foreigners residing in China yet not studying and working in China, in addition to residence permit, relationship certificate is also necessary to provide.

(III) The necessary information to provide

1st, The basic information of applicant including name, nationality, age, gender, vocation, passport No. and emergency contact No. shall be provided for applying for Tibet Travel Permit.

2nd, In addition, you need to provide your detailed travel intentions when issuing Tibet Travel Permit. You can entrust the professional travel team to plan your Tibet traveling route and the time schedule. All the travel information such as time, place and even the route to arrive in Tibet will be shown in your Tibet Travel Permit. Once the Travel Permit is issued, it’s difficult to postpone or modify. Therefore, please make sure all the information you provide are accurate and exquisite.

3rd, You need to select one city from which you set out to enter Tibet in the course of applying for Tibet Travel Permit. The city you selected cannot be changed once it is confirmed.

II How long in advance do you apply for the Tibet Travel Permit? How long it will cost to issue Tibet Travel Permit

(I) It’s necessary to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit at least 20 days in advance.

In order to issue the Tibet Travel Permit timely, normally our staff will submit the relevant information necessary for Tibet Travel Permit such as your passport information, Chinese Visa, necessary certificates, traveling schedule and license of driver and tourist guide 20 days ahead.

Therefore, in order to get your Tibet Travel Permit timely and not influence your schedule, please provide the necessary information timely after you confirm your reservation with our team.

If it is less than 20 days before your departure time, please contact us for urgent issue of the Tibet Travel Permit.

(II) Finish the processing of Tibet Travel Permit about one week ahead.

It will cost 12 days to issue the Tibet Travel Permit. In normal situation, if you can provide the necessary information timely, Tibet Travel Permit can be finished one week before your departure time. We will express the Tibet Travel Permit by courier to you at first moment of getting it. Since the express delivery time usually costs about 3 to 5 days, you may receive the Tibet Travel Permit shortly before your departure time.

III How to receive the Tibet Travel Permit

(I) The condition for expressing the Tibet Travel Permit

Since there is only one copy of Tibet Travel Permit, and based on the objective matter of the long delivery time and high lost rate of the international long distance express, it is not advisable to express to overseas address.

(II) Express will be delivered to your hotel or your other domestic address.

After you submit your necessary information for applying for Tibet Travel Permit, our tourism consultancy will ask for your hotel in China or your other domestic address and emergency contact, so that we could express the Tibet Travel Permit to you at first moment.

(III) You can collect your Tibet Travel Permit in Chengdu.

If you choose to depart from Chengdu, you can directly come to our branch office in Chengdu to collect your Tibet Travel Permit. Our branch office in Chengdu is located at first ring and with convenient transportation.

IV Our recommended cities to set out from

Tibet is connected with railways and airlines in China mainland. Tourists can choose to take Tibet trains from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing and Guangzhou, also can choose to take direct flights from Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shangri-La and Xi’an. Below are the hot cities recommended for you to set out from.

(I) Chengdu or Chongqing

Both Chengdu and Chongqing are the transportation hubs of China southwest and very famous tourism cities in domestic, what’s more, you can see the lovely national treasure-big panda here. Several transportation options can be available for you to set out from the two cities. You can choose to take direct flight, or take Tibet trains from here to Tibet, also you can choose Sichuan-Tibet high-speed way. Sichuan-Tibet high-speed way is once the Tea-horse Ancient Road from which a huge number of tourists set out annual year, because the scenery along the way is more wonderful than that along Qinghai-Tibet railway.

(II) Xi’an

Xi’an is the famous ancient capital of culture where also various transportation modes are available. All the trains starting from Guangzhou and Shanghai directly to Tibet will stop at Xi’an, moreover the journey from Xi’an to Lhasa takes not so long time. Besides, airlines departing from Xi’an directly to Lhasa is also very convenient.

(III) Beijing

Beijing is not only the capital of China, but also the political center, cultural center and international communication center of country. Beijing has the special charm for many people, here the direct flights and trains to Lhasa are available, also the transportation modes from various places directly to Beijing are also very varied and convenient.

(IV) Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city in China with developed sea transportation, road transportation and airline transportation. Tourists coming from all over the world to travel in mainland can transfer in shanghai very conveniently. The shining lights and prosperity of Shanghai make a strong contrast with the natural scenery in Tibet, both of which exactly present the multiple integration of varied culture and landscapes on the vast land of China.

(V) Guangzhou

It’s the most convenient direct route for tourists from south China to depart from Guangzhou to Tibet, and it’s rather a best choice for many compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Guangzhou is located at southeast of Guangdong Province, connected with Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions through the sea, all which make it a city with excellent geographic location and convenient transportation.

(VI) Xi’ning

Xi’ning is the start station of Qinghai-Tibet railway, so all the trains direct to Tibet will stop at Xi’ning and you can choose the train suitable for you freely. And the journey from Xi’ning to Lhasa takes merely 20 hours, you will not worry about long time of train journey.

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