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Asia Odyssey Travel & Tours Co Ltd

Chengdu Tibet Tours

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is an amazing city that you will never want to leave. Known as a very laid-back and relaxed city, Chengdu is an ancient yet modern city abounding with diverse options for having fun. Combining a Tibet trip with a short excursion in Chengdu is a wise choice as Chengdu enjoys the most flights to Lhasa. It is very easy to find a flight to Tibet all day long. Here you can check our Chengdu-Tibet Tour packages and start plan your Tibet tour from Chengdu now.

Chengdu Tibet Tours FAQ

  • How to travel to Tibet from Chengdu?

    Tourists can take a flight or train from Chengdu to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to take a flight, or 36 hours to take a train.

    By flights – Chengdu is a perfect base for tourists who want to fly to Lhasa, because it takes only around 2 hours and 30 minutes for the flight trip, and there are many flights from Chengdu to Shanghai every day. Furthermore, you can arrive in Lhasa during daytime if you fly from Chengdu. The full-price ticket is around 2300 RMB.

    By train – It takes 36 hours to take a train to Lhasa from Chengdu. It is too long for most tourists. Many tourists go to Xining or Lanzhou to board on the train, which initially departs from Chengdu, because It takes only around 24 hours for the train ride to Lhasa from Xining or Lanzhou.

  • Is it worth to stay in Chengdu for 1 day or 2 before departing for Lhasa?

    Yes. There are many historical sites in Chengdu, such as Jinli Ancient Street, Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Dufu Thatched Cottage. However, the most popular tourist destination in Chengdu the Giant Panda Base, where is 30 kilometers away from the city center of Chengdu. If the traffic situation is good, it takes around 40 minutes to reach there by car from Chengdu. The cost for taking a taxi to the base is around 50 RMB. You can also go there by subway. Take Panda Express 3 and 5 and get off at the Panda Base stop.

    Warm tips: Giant Pandas are sleeping in the afternoon, so if you want to see them eating bamboos or playing with each other, it is suggested to go to the base in early morning.

  • What are your recommended destinations near Chengdu?

    If you want to extend your Chengdu tour to other destinations near Chengdu, the Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei are recommended destinations.

    With a height of 71 meters and a history of 1200 years, the Leshan Giant Buddha attracts thousands of tourists every year. It was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1996. The Giant Buddha sits near the conjunction of the Dadu, Qingyi and Min Rivers. The ancient people it can put down the monsters in the rivers.

    Standing 3099 meters above the sea level, the Mount Emei is a good place for you to check if you can acclimatize to high altitude. There are 3200 types of plants and 2300 species of animals on the mount. If you like nature, you will like the mount.

Customers' Reviews
  • Time:14-05-2018

    I had to mention our tour guide – Puktso because he is too nice. He is very passionate and thoughtful when he talked with us on the daily tour arrangement. We reschedule a little bit and he gave us great ideas. I like all the stories and insight knowledge on local life he shared with us. We enjoyed a wonderful trip with his company.

  • Time:20-07-2019

    This trip has been part of our family’s bragging card at get togethers and parties ever since we stepped foot out of Tibet. But it would have not been without the preparation and help from Xiao Yu, our tour planner from Chengdu. In addition our tour guide Julia was extremely informative and a joy to be around for those 8 days. The hotels were extremely nice and the places along the way were magnificent. Our family felt very welcomed to the area and we enjoyed the endless insight into the beautiful culture and religion (It helped out the person taking world history next year in our family). We would definitely recommend this trip to other family and friends as it is worth every single petty bit of the high elevation fatigue.

  • Time:17-08-2019

    Wir haben zuvor einige Touren und Agenturen verglichen. Natürlich ist es schwierig auf die Entfernung und mit den doch wenigen Rezessionen einen Überblick zu bekommen, sind aber sehr froh uns letztendlich für diese Agentur und Route entschieden zu haben.

    Von Anfang hat uns unsere Ansprechpartnerin Claire bei allen Fragen geholfen - inkl. Visaantrag und Einreiseerlaubnis. Wir haben wirklich etliche Mails hin und her geschrieben und wurden immer fürsorglich behandelt.

    Vor Ort wurden wir am Flughafen empfangen und unsere Guides waren alle sehr nett. Die Ausflüge super interessant und man hat einen tollen Einblick bekommen. Das Programm war nicht zu viel und nicht zu wenig, wirklich toll gemacht!! Die Hotels waren weit besser als wir erwartet haben. Wir haben oft Tips für Restaurants oder bestimmte Gerichte bekommen. Es gab überhaupt keine Probleme bei Ausflügen, Organisation oder den etlichen Kontrollen im Land. Wir wurden selbst noch bis hinter die Passkontrollen an der Grenze zu Nepal begleitet. Erst als unser Guide wirklich nicht weiter durfte, haben wir uns verabschiedet.

    Die Gruppen waren nett gemischt und die Wagen alle europäischer Standard.

    Wir würden die Agentur und die Route jedem empfehlen!

    Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank für eine unvergessliche Reise!

  • Time:26-06-2019

    We had a unique travel experience in Tibet specailly the landscapes we saw and local people we met.

    Both of our tour guide and driver were excellent, our guide had a vast knowledge about the areas that we visited and also had extensive knowledge with the culture and history of Tibet. All the way, he made sure that we were comfortable with all aspects of the day. The place that he set for each day was appropriate for our abilities, because the tour schedule allowed for a slower start and initial days in Lhasa to adjust to the altitude. Also, the schedule did not put too much into one day. Once we departed from Lhasa and went to the higher altitudes, we did not have any problems with the heights because we were acclimated already, so a good schedule arrangment is very crucial for first-time tourists to Tibet. Our driver was very polite and accommodating person too, he always picked up us from the hotel on time every day and drove in a very safe manner and made us feel comfortable during the trip, he was a very nice man.

    Additionally, I never forget the blue sky and white cloud in Tibet, everywhere is so gorgeous that could rarely see in big cities, we love it so much and hoped to stay there longer time. But only one point I want to tell here, the 3 star standard hotel in Tibet actaully is not really equal to 3 star standard hotel I ever stayed in domestic big cities of China, so choose 4 star hotel is suggested, I think it would be much more comfortable stay in the trip. Overall, the Tibet tour was excellent, here I much thanks to our travel agency Odyseey and consultant Amy for everything you did for us for the trip, thank you!!

  • Time:26-05-2019

    Vielen Dank, Claire, für die tolle Organisation unserer 10-tägigen Reise durch Tibet. Bei den teilweise sehr kurzfristigen Änderungen unserer Reiseroute, warst Du immer sofort zur Stelle und hast uns zusätzliche Optionen, Hotels und Flüge vorgeschlagen und gebucht... in perfektem Deutsch! Das war klasse! Wenn wir nochmals nach Tibet kommen, buchen wir auf jeden Fall wieder über Dich! Danke für alles!

  • Time:01-05-2019

    Wir konnten wunderbare Tage auf dem Dach der Welt verbringen - und wenn es heute erneut die Möglichkeit geben würde - Ja ich würde diese Reise noch einmal unternehmen. Dennoch sind es große Anstrengungen und die Touren im Auto sind lang. 2 Tage dauert die Autotour zum BaseCamp - Achtung - bei der Anreise überquert man bereits die ersten 3 Pässe mit über 5000m - daher sollte eine gesundheitliche Abwägung oberste Priorität haben. Tolle Organisation mit AMY - ich kann es nur jeden empfehlen, da Sie wirklich Sehr gut und schnell auf alle Anfragen, Anregungen und Änderungen eingeht. Ein Tip nach Möglichkeit mit der Tourguidin Kelsan Droma reisen - Auch Sie versteht es wunderbar Ihr Land näher zu bringen und lebt so positiv.