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Xining to Tibet Train

Xining Railway Station, the origin station of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, is located in Jianguo Road, Chengdong District, Xining City. In addition to the Z6801 train whose start station is Xining, trains departing from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other major cities will also stop at Xining Railway Station.

Besides the famous Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Lanzhou-Xining Railway and Lanzhou-Urumqi Railway also pass through Xining Railway Station. Therefore, Xining Railway Station is not only an important station on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, but also an important transportation hub in Northwest China.

How to get in Xining Railway Station and wait for trains

The main body of Xining Railway Station Building consists of three floors, namely, exit hall (ground floor), platform floor (first floor) and elevated waiting floor (second floor, where the waiting hall located).

There are two ways for passengers to get in the station: one is to enter the ground floor from the front square and then get in the elevated waiting floor (waiting hall) by escalator or stairs, the other is to directly enter the alighting platform located in the elevated waiting floor by bus along the ramp approach bridge, where there’s a door from which passengers can directly get in the waiting hall, which is very convenient.

According to the setting of the train platform, the waiting hall is divided into the waiting area for ordinary trains and waiting area for bullet trains. In addition, there’s a waiting area especially for infants, children, elderly and disabled passengers. In the waiting hall, there are many small transparent rooms used as reading room, local specialty stores, etc.

The waiting hall is also equipped with an auxiliary floor which is mainly used for commercial services. Besides, public service facilities such as smoking rooms, inquiry rooms and public washrooms are also provided in the waiting hall.

How to get out of Xining Railway Station

After getting off the train at Xining Railway Station, passengers can follow the instructions to get to the exit. The exit layer is located on the ground floor of the station. There is an automatic check-out gate at the exit where you can leave the station by placing the ticket at the designated area according to instructions. Traffic instructions are also available on the ground floor. Passengers who need to go to coach stations or take taxis can follow these instructions. In addition, enquiry points are everywhere in the railway station. If you have any problems and difficulties, you can always get help from these enquiry points.


How to buy tickets for Xining Railway Station

At present, there are many ways to buy train tickets in mainland China. You can buy tickets at ticketing hall or by telephone or on internet. Overseas travelers usually choose to buy train tickets at ticketing hall or through travel agencies. At present, Xining Railway Station has two ticketing halls which are respectively located on the west side of the platform floor (first floor) and the elevated waiting floor (second floor). It is necessary to know that overseas travelers need to provide the Tibet Travel Permit besides their passport and other identity documents when buying train tickets for Qinghai-Tibet Railway at the ticketing hall.

Train tickets for Qinghai-Tibet Railway are often difficult to get during the peak tourist season (June to September). It is suggested that overseas travelers who plan to take Qinghai-Tibet Railway trains into and out of Tibet should obtain the Tibet Travel Permit in advance. If you have any questions about the purchase of Tibetan train tickets or any other special needs, please contact us for more information.

Is Xining Railway Station far from the center of Xining City? How to get to the downtown

The current Xining Railway Station is the station put into operation after upgrading and transformation in 2015, which is located on Jianguo Road, Chengdong District, Xining City. The original Xining West Railway Station stopped operation on December 25, 2014. Xining Railway Station is close to the city centre, only about 5km away from the nearest central city area where you can get to by taking a taxi costing within RMB20. This area is a prosperous commercial area with convenient, clean and hygienic hotels and foods.

How far is Xining Railway Station from Xining Airport? How to get there

The distance between Xining Railway Station and Caojiabao Airport is about 30km. You can get there by airport bus, taxi or chartered car.

Airport shuttle bus: There’s an airport bus stop in the Railway Station where you can take the bus to the airport.

Rent car/chartered car: You can get to the airport by renting a suitable car according to your needs at rental points at the railway station.

Taxi: It is also convenient to take a taxi to the airport at the railway station.

How far is Xining Railway Station from Xining Bus Station? How to get there

Xining Coach Center is one of the important projects of the overall transformation of the railway station. It has been completed and put into use on January 22, 2016, realizing a seamless connection with the whole railway station, bus stations and subways. Xining Coach Center is located on the left side of the exit of Xining Railway Station, with a straight line distance of about 500m. You can take a coach here to nearby counties, or to Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake and other scenic spots, but you should pay attention to the departure times. You can also get to Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake by taking a coach at Xining Bayi Road Coach Station which is located in Chengdong District, about 5km away from the railway station, costing about RMB15 by taxi.

Is there a left-luggage office in Xining Railway Station

There are many left-luggage offices near Xining Railway Station. You'd better leave your luggage in the Station, because it's safe and secure. But it is recommended not to leave valuables to avoid serious losses

Is there any area for rented/chartered cars around Xining Railway Station

There are many companies for rented and chartered cars in the west of the exit of Xining Railway Station. You can choose a car with suitable type according to your own needs. The price of rented and chartered cars depends on their types. If you want to go to Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Ta’er Lamasery and other scenic spots, it is suggested to seek companions to charter together, which will be relatively cheap.

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