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How to travel to Tibet for International students in China

With the continuous improvement of China's comprehensive national strength and the increasing cultural influence of the country, more and more international students choose to come to China for higher education. Currently, there are as many as 500 universities who are qualified to recruit international students.

1. international students who want to study in China should apply for an X visa and a residence permit for internationalers

The Chinese X visa is issued to international students studying in China. international students will submit the original and photocopy of the admission letter issued by the enrolling school, as well as the visa application form to the Chinese Embassy. The Chinese Embassy will issue the X1 visa (staying over 180 days) or X2 visa to the applicants according to their length of stay in China. (Staying for no more than 180 days, including 180 days). Within 30 days from the date of entry into China, international students shall apply for a residence permit or a temporary residence permit at the public security bureau of the city or county where they stay.

2. international students in China need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit to travel to Tibet

international students wishing to travel to Tibet need to hold Tibet Travel Permit (including travel confirmation letter and a list) issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. international students studying in China who want to apply for Tibet Travel Permit must entrust the Tibet Travel Agency to apply for it in advance. With Tibet Travel Permit, tourists can buy air tickets, train tickets, and then go through the check-in procedures. There is no separate application for Tibet Travel Permit, which needs to be handled according to the following procedures:

(1) international students studying in China can book trips to Tibet from Tibetan inbound travel agencies that receive international guests (with group tours or self-organized group tours);

(2) Send the scanned version of personal passport, the study visa or residence permit to our agency by mail;

(3) international students studying in China are required to provide other relevant documents, such as: admission letter, student ID, or studying certificate;

(4) Our agency will help to apply for Tibet Travel Permit in the Tourism Bureau with the information of the itinerary, international students, the tour guide, the driver and other information;

(5) According to the length of the trip, the processing time varies, which lasts about 7 to 8 working days. As soon as our agency get the original letter of the Tibet Travel Permit, we will mail it to the student.

Note: Considering the arrangement of international students' air tickets, train tickets, hotels and other matters, it’s better to book the Tibet itinerary, submit the information, and go through the application procedures as far as 20 days in advance, so that you can get Tibet Travel Permit in time to travel to Tibet.

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