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Asia Odyssey Travel & Tours Co Ltd

Yunnan Tibet Tours

Yunnan Tibet Tours FAQ

  • How to travel to Tibet from Yunnan?

    By flights – Yunnan is a province adjacent to Tibet. Travelers can take flights to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, from 3 cities in Yunnan, which are Kunming, Diqing (Shangri-La) and Lijiang. It respectively takes 4 hours, 2 hours and 2 hours and costs 2800 RMB, 1700 RMB and 1700 RMB to fly from Kunming, Diqing and Lijiang to Lhasa.

    By train – There is no direct trains from Yunnan to Tibet. If you want to take a train ride to Lhasa, you need to fly from Kunming to Chengdu, Xian or Xining to board on a train. Xining is perhaps the best option, because it takes only 22 hours for a Xining to Lhasa train ride, and the most beautiful sceneries along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway start from Xining Station.

  • What to see in Yunnan?

    Although your final destination is Tibet, Yunnan is also worth to stay for a few days. Most our customers will visit Kunming, Yunnan and Diqing (Shangri-La) in Yunnan before traveling to Tibet. Like Tibet, Yunnan is also an area renowned for its minority cultures. There are 24 minority ethnic groups in Yunnan. Normally, 5 days is enough to learn about the highlights of these minority ethnic groups. Besides the minority highlights, the Kunming Stone Forest, Lijiang Ancient Town and Tiger Leaping Gorge are also worth a visit.

    The most popular itinerary from Yunnan to Tibet is Kunming – Lijiang – Diqing – Tibet. There are flights to Tibet from all the 3 cities in Yunnan, so it is ok to change the order of the itinerary.

  • How about taking a Tiger Leaping Gorge trek?

    It is a good idea. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is the most popular trekking site in Yunnan. Normally, it takes two days for this trek.

    Day 1 – Take a bus from Lijiang to the Tiger Leaping Gorge Town, the start point of the trek. After around 30 minutes’ trekking, you can choose to ride a horse or continue trekking. 40% of our customers choose to ride horse, because they need to climb a mountain. After lunch, you will arrive at the Twenty-Eight Turn to start the steepest trekking section. It is dangerous to ride a horse here, because the cliff path is narrow. Todays trek ends around 6:00 pm.

    Day 2 – Start trekking from your guesthouse to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge, where you can admire the most spectacular gorge view. After arriving at the Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge, you can backtrack or continue the trekking to see more beautiful sceneries. No matter you decide backtrack or continue the trekking, at last, you will arrive at your guesthouse to take a bus to your next destination.

Customers' Reviews
  • Time:29-05-2019

    We were very impressed with the travel agency Aisa Odyssey Tour and our organizer Amy who arranged all details swiftly without any worries. We took the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa and were told we need the group visas to board the flight to Lhasa from there, this agency helped us get both of our group visas and Tibet visas sucessfully before the tour began as we expected and smoothly arrived in Lhasa as planned, really apprecaited!

    Tibet is great place we did not want to leave because it’s really fabulous, but of course the long drives across the Tibetan plains to Everest base camp and the fantastic blue skies everyday, we spent a wonderful 7 days trip in Tibet with help of Amy and saw some nice monasteries, lakes, mountains and friendly local Tibetans etc.

    Overall, our tour guide is very knowledgeable with culture and history of Tibet and always satisfy us as best as she could, our driver is a good person too and was driving in a safe way everywhere. Tibet is such a beatiful place, hope me and my wife could have a chance to come back again someday to spend more time for visiting further place of Tibet like Kailash? I will contact this agency again then, thanks again for making my long-awaited dream came true!

  • Time:23-06-2019

    We went to Tibet at June 2019,our tour was arrange by Amy from Chengdu, she is very kind and helpful, we have a lot of questions before the trip, she can answer them with full of patience.

    First day, our driver and tour guide waited at airport and drive us to our lovely hotel (4 star himalaya hotel). the tour guide Mr Ba Sang from Tibet is very caring and helpful throughout the journey. Everything is well planned and taken care of. He brings us to nice local restaurants and have a good taste of local cuisine. In temple, we given detail explanation on the culture and explain to us the practice of the people. Experience at Everest Base camp is unforgettable, we able to see the remarkable view of everest mountain.

    Tibet is a place you will want to visit again and again.

    Driver Mr Xia is a good, responsible and steady driver. He drives us safely to all locations.

    Hopefully next time we can join the Ling Zhi trip to see flowers in spring time.

    Highly recommended this tour and this travel agents for their excellent service. We are happy to join on this tour.

  • Time:15-04-2018

    Most of the people go to Tibet for spiritual enlightenment. I don’t see myself a purser of religion. But when I stood in front of Jokhang Temple, watching the numerous pilgrims. I was shocked than I would have imagined. Tibet is a wonderful place from local people to the natural resource. What makes this trip extradinary is our excellent guide. He accompanied us wherever we want to and showed us local spots off the beaten track. He is pretty good at English, always shared interesting stories. I learned a few Tibetan phrases from him. The hotel arranged by our agency is well located. We were able to walk around and found local restaurant easily. Anyway, great experience

  • Time:12-12-2018

    I cannot praise the Asia Odyssey Travel operation highly enough, from the applying of permit to the expertise of our guide. Everything was well arranged. Our guide, Puktso, was both personable and knowledgable, and yet was able to keep things moving. I will definitely go back to Tibet again!

  • Time:05-10-2019

    First at all, we would like to say we have a wonderful 9D8N Tibet trip arrange by Asia Oddessy Travel, they are really provide a professional consult and guide from the begining until the end (including booking train ticket, flight ticket, chengdu hotel and airport pickup services & payment services).

    Secondly, a special Big THANK YOU to our pretty travel advisor Amy, with her great experiences, good English communication, patient & friendly client services, we are finally completed our wonderful trip with a lot of joys and happiness. Thumb up to Amy!!! You did a perfect job here!!!

    At last, Tibet is an amazing place you must pay a visit once in your life time, for a foreign traveller, to avoid any hassle during the trip, I highly recommend Asia Odyssey Travel Service Co Ltd.

    Best Regards

    Jacky & Ryan (From Malaysia)

  • Time:06-06-2019

    I had a wonderful 9 days trip in tibet. I enjoyed very aspect of this trip. Registration and organisation was very easy, and the driver was very kind and enthusiastic, so we weren't bored even during long distances. The food was great, and I especially enjoyed the purple sweet potato. The staff were polite and did their best to make us feel comfortable and listen to our needs.

    I felt comfortable with everyone I met on this trip. I truly felt as if I had experienced and witnessed the lifestyle of Tibet, and I definitely recommend this place to other travelers. If the chance arises, I would like to go on this trip once again.

    Thanks Amy, Tashi; he was a fantastic guide and my sweet driver; he made me laugh a lot. Oh, don't forget to bring a lot of headache tablet you might need a lot.