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Mount Kailash Weather in October

Mount Kailash's autumn is short, equivalent to the winter temperature in other areas of China. As the last month of autumn, October is also the last suitable month to take a Mount Kailash tour.

Weather and Temperature of Mount Kailash in October

The average temperature in Mount Kailash area in October: -8 ℃ to 9 ℃. October is the autumn of Ngari, precipitation decreases while windy days increase, and the night is cold.

The weather is mainly sunny and cloudy, with north winds and west winds. Ngari and Mount Kailash are already cold in October. If you choose to trek around the Mount Kailash, down jacket, sleeping bag, liquid glucose, anti-high-altitude sickness medicine are highly recommended. Be sure to bring a mug. Drink enough hot water.

During daytime, the sunlight is strong, and the visibility is good. Due to the west wind in winter, the water vapor evaporates quickly, the wind speed is faster, and the air is dry. The Mount Kailash area in October is mainly sunny and cloudy, so October is a good travel time for photographers, but it has been winter in Mount Kailash in late October. The temperature drops a lot, so you need to keep warm when traveling.

Day-By-Day Mount Kailash Temperature in October Over The Years

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Weather Cloudy Sunny Cloudy Cloudy Sunny Sunny Sunny
Max(℃) 13℃ 12℃ 11℃ 10℃ 11℃ 11℃ 9℃
Min(℃) 0℃ -2℃ -2℃ -3℃ -1℃ -2℃ -4℃
Date 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Weather Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Cloudy
Max(℃) 9℃ 9℃ 9℃ 10℃ 9℃ 10℃ 9℃
Min(℃) -4℃ -6℃ -5℃ -5℃ -5℃ -7℃ -6℃
Date 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Weather Cloudy Cloudy Sunny Sunny Cloudy Cloudy Sunny
Max(℃) 9℃ 9℃ 9℃ 7℃ 7℃ 6℃ 6℃
Min(℃) 7℃ 6℃ 5℃ 7℃ 7℃ 6℃ 6℃
Date 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Weather Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny
Max(℃) 7℃ 6℃ 5℃ 6℃ 6℃ 7℃ 8℃
Min(℃) -8℃ -8℃ -8℃ -8℃ -7℃ -7℃ --7℃
Date 29 30 31
Weather Sunny Sunny Sunny
Max(℃) 8℃ 7℃ 3℃
Min(℃) -7℃ -7℃ -6℃

Dress Code for Traveling to Mount Kailash Tibet in October

In October, the weather is cold, and the temperature drops significantly. During daytime, it is recommended to wear cotton clothes, velvet jackets, outdoor windproof clothes, coats, or other winter comfort clothing. When doing outdoor activities, you need sunglass and sunscreen to resist the ultraviolet ray.

Travel Tips For October

It is not recommended to go out at night. Going to the Ngari area in October is relatively more likely to have high altitude sickness, so please make sure to prepare liquid glucose and related drugs.

In October, overcast rain (although there is little overcast rain) may be converted into snowfall. Even in clear weather, the wind is very strong. Therefore, the most important thing that should be kept in mind is to keep warm, don't catch a cold, which may induce life-threatening altitude sickness. Secondly, pay attention to the distribution of your physical strength. Some people in Mount Kailash completed the Kora in 2 days, while most of them completed the Kora in 3 days. You need to carefully distribute your power according to your physical fitness and condition. If any physical discomfort occurs, don't try to be brave and ask for help at the first place.

Mount Kailash Trek

Are you ready for a Mount Kailash trek?

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