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Required Documents for a Trip to Ngari Area

Ngari area, known as the "roof of the roof of the world", was once the core area of two ancient Tibetan kingdoms – "Zhangzhung" Kingdom and "Guge" Kingdom. Among all of the places in Ngari, the holy Mt. Kailash and the holy Lake Manasarovar are reputed as the center of Ngari. It is not only the birthplace of Bonismo (a local Tibetan religion), but is also recognized as "the center of the world" by Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. Disciples from different places come here for pilgrimage every year. Countless tourists also come here to have a look at the holy lake and holy mountain and feel the power of devout faith.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the holy mountain and lake, and follow the disciples to do kora (an activity refers to people turn a hand-hold prayer wheel as they walk) around the lake and the mountain, you need not only perseverance spirit and a strong body, but also need to apply for a series of official documents to guarantee a smooth tour in Ngari area.

Compulsory document - Tibet Travel Permit

Wherever you come from and wherever you go in Tibet, a Tibet Travel Permit is the primarily necessary document, without which you will not be able to take the flight or train to Tibet. You can only apply for the Tibet Travel Permit through a qualified travel agency in Tibet, as applications submitted in the name of individuals are not accepted by the official. As one of the earliest travel agencies that provide travel services for foreigners and sell services online, we can provide one-stop service for you to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit. You just need to tell us your needs and we will tailor a satisfactory trip for you. After signing a travel contract with us, you need to send us scanned copies or clear photos of required documents such as your Chinese visa, passports, and other relevant documents. Then we will submit the documents and your itinerary form to the official to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit. We will send the permit to your hotel or the place you live in mainland China as soon as we receive it. Then you can enter Tibet by flight or train with the permit.

More relevant documents

You can’t go to Ngari area with a Tibet Travel Permit only. Most tourists will choose to travel to Ngari via the overland from Shigatse. In this case, you will need to apply for an Aliens' Travel Permit and a Military Permit. If you choose to take flight from Lhasa to Ngari Gunsa Airport, you will need to apply for a Military Permit to visit the holy mountain and holy lake in Ngari.


1) The Military Permit will be sent to you together with the Tibet Travel Permit. If you want the Aliens’ Travel Permit, you will need to apply for it in Gyangze or Shigatse.

2) If an Indian passport holder wants to visit the holy mountain and lake in Ngari area, he will need to undergo a series of formalities through a pilgrim reception center in Tibet.

3) Other areas requiring the Military Permit include:

  • Ngari area: Purang County, Zanda County, Rutog County, Gar County;
  • Shigatse region: Zhongba County, Saga County, Nyalam County (Zhangmu), Tingri County, Kangmar County, Kamba County, Dinggyê County, Gyirong County, and Yadong County;
  • Nyingchi area: Medog County, Nang County, Mainling County, and Zayu County;
  • Shannan area: Nagarze County, Cona County, Lhozhag County, and Lhunze County.

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