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Beijing to Tibet Train

Beijing City, the Capital of China, is the key station of railway traffic network. There are direct trains to all places of country from Beijing railway stations which includes 3 major stations such as Beijing Station, Beijing West Station and Beijing South Station. Beijing West Station is the starting station of the trains from Beijing to Tibet.

I. Where is Beijing West Station?

Beijing West Station is located near LIANHUACHI East Rd and West Third Ring Rd in Fengtai District of Beijing, China. The trains depart from Beijing West Station are mainly destined to South, Southwest and Northwest of China. The trains to Lhasa, Tibet depart exactly from Beijing West Station.

1. Guideline for taking a train from Beijing West Station

There are two squares in Beijing West Station, North Square and South Square. The North Square is the entrance for the ordinary train checking in while the South Square is the entrance for high-speed railway checking in. Both of the two squares are on the ground floor and are available for checking in and entering waiting room. If you get off at Beijing West Railway by subway, please trace the signboard to the entrance of railway station and enter. Going up to the waiting room of second floor before reading the train number showed on the big screen and finding the waiting area for Z21 train from Beijing West to Lhasa. Then wait and be ready for boarding.

2. How to check luggage at Beijing West Station

There are several luggage checking sites in Beijing West Station, please watch carefully the hanging signboards. Railway station is gathered with crowded people and the environment is so complicated that the valuables shall be taken with you as possible.

3. The locations of accommodations and hotel nearby Beijing West Stations

Five-star hotels: Kyoto Xinyuan Hotel

Four-star hotels: Beijing Railway Building -Zhongyu Century Hotel - Dafang Hotel, The lower left corner of the diagram-Century Lotus Hotel

Three-star hotels: Jingtie Hotel (Beijing West Railway Station) - Carrey Hotel - Beijing Tonglian Taihe Hotel - Tianyou Hotel

4. Other railway stations in Beijing City

Beijing Station is located within second ring road in Dongcheng District of Beijing City, to the west of Jianguomen and Dongbianmen, between Chongwenmen and Dongbianmen, to the north of city wall of former Beijing inner city and to the south of east Chang’an Street. The trains to northeast of China and some trains to east china are currently set off from Beijing Station. Beijing South Station is located in the Yongwai Street in Chongwen district of Beijing city, which was finished rebuilding in 2008 and became the second largest railway station in Asia. All the high-speed intercity trains such as the high-speed rails from Beijing to Shanghai and intercity trains from Beijing to Tianjin depart from this station.

II. The instructions on how to buy ticket and check in when taking Tibet train in Beijing West Station

1. How to buy train ticket from Beijing to Lhasa

a. The necessary certificates

Home Return Permit: The gate pass for Hong Kong and Macao residents to and from mainland, which is similar to ID card in mainland.

Tibet Travel Permit: The permit license for travelers from overseas and Taiwai to Tibet.

ID card or passport: According to the real-name system, ID card, passport and other certificates shall be provided for buying railway tickets in mainland of China.

b. Purchasing method

If you choose to buy ticket in Beijing Railway Station or ticket agency, make sure you have got the Tibet Travel Permit in advance and present your identity certificates such as Home Return Permit, Tibet Travel Permit, passport and others. The booking halls in all railway stations of Beijing can sell the train tickets to Lhasa. Yet it is difficult to get the train ticket to Lhasa in busy season during June and August, it is advisable to go to Xining, Qinghai from Beijing by plane and take a train from Xining, Qinghai to Lhasa, Tibet, which is a good choice ; or you can seek for travel agency to book ticket to Tibet in advance.

2. How to check in and get on train with the purchased ticket?

After buying ticket, check in through the entrance with the necessary identity certificates and ticket, then wait for the train in the designated waiting area. You shall follow the sign board to have ticket checked and enter the platform to get on train.

III. How to reach Beijing West Station?

1. How to reach Beijing West Station from Beijing Capital International Airport?

The linear distance from Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing West station is about 30 kilometers, and the ride way is about 40 kilometers for which you can choose airport bus or taxi to arrive in Beijing West Station. It will take 2 about hours by airport bus or take one hour or so by taxi from Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing West Station.

2. How to reach Beijing West Station from Beijing South Station?

The linear distance from Beijing South Station to Beijing West Station is about 6 kilometers. The most convenient and fastest transportation from Beijing South Station to Beijing West Station is by Metro. Take No. 4 metro line at Beijing South Station, then transfer to No. 7 metro line at Caishikou stop and get off at Beijing West Station stop, which costs totally about 20 minutes. You can take a taxi to railway station in case of much luggage, it will only take 10 minutes.

3. How to reach Beijing West Station from Beijing Station?

The linear distance from Beijing Station to Beijing West Station is about 10 kilometers. Subway is the most convenient and fastest transportation to arrive. Take No. 2 Metro line at Beijing Station, then transfer to No. 4 Metro line at Xuanwumen stop, and then transfer to No. 7 Metro line at Caishikou stop, finally get off at Beijing West Station stop, which costs totally 40 minutes. You can choose to take a taxi in case of too much luggage, it will take about 30 minutes.

4. How to reach Beijing West Station from the Palace Museum?

It is 9 kilometers away from the Palace Museum to Beijing West Station. Subway is the most convenient and fastest transportation. Take No.1 Metro line at Tian’anmen west stop, then transfer to No. 9 Metro line at Military Museum stop and get off at Beijing West Station stop, which costs totally about 20 minutes. You can choose to take a taxi in case of too much luggage, it will cost 15 minutes.

The traffic jam in Beijing is very frequent. Since all the riding time described in the text is measured in case of smooth transportation, please calculate your transfer time and depart as early as possible, so as not to delay your schedule.

IV. The timetable of Z21 train from Beijing West to Lhasa

  • Stations
  • Arrival -- Departure
  • Fastest Duration
  • Beijing West
  • ---
  • ---
  • Shijiazhuang North
  • 22:33
  • 2hours 33minutes
  • Taiyuan
  • 00:19
  • 4hours 19minutes
  • Zhongwei
  • 07:05
  • 11hours 5minutes
  • Lanzhou
  • 12:17
  • 16hours 17minutes
  • Xining
  • 15:01
  • 19hours 1minutes
  • Delingha
  • 19:23
  • 23hours 23minutes
  • Golmud
  • 22:10
  • 26hours 10minutes
  • Nagqu
  • 08:37
  • 36hours 37minutes
  • Lhasa
  • 12:45
  • 40hours 45minutes

Since the scene along the railway from Beijing West to Lhasa is beautiful, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of China varying from plain to mountain, from valley to plateau, from snow mountain to grassland on the train, which is terrific.

V. Short-distance travel routes in Beijing

You can stay for a short while in Beijing and experience the double charm of Beijing as capital of China and millennium ancient capital before setting out from Beijing West Station to Lhasa.

1. The time for visiting all the scenic spots in Beijing

Great Wall: It costs 3-4 hours for one-way round trip, and the visiting time is about 1 hour. If you would like to reach the top of great wall where few tourists arrive, it will take more time.

The Forbidden City (Palace Museum): It will cost about 2 hours to visit along the central axis. It will cost about three to four hours or more if visiting the forbidden city completely. If you are keen at culture and history, you can spend one day here appreciating Chinese ancient art treasures.

Yuanmingyuan and the Summer Palace: Yuanmingyuan and the Summer Palace are located in northwest of Beijing. The round area of Yuanmingyuan and the Summer Palace are larger than the forbidden city, three hours or so are needed to visit two imperial palaces.

2. One-day experience tour in Beijing

If you can only stay in Beijing for one day, there are two options, great wall or the Imperial Palace. You can feel the grandeur and wonder of great wall while the Forbidden City( Palace Museum) will present to you the magnificence and prosperity of Chinese feudal imperial.

3. Beijing two-day leisure tour

If there are two days available for you in Beijing, you can have more time to experience the charm of old Beijing. You can spend one day visiting the Great Wall, so that more time can be used to climb the great wall and appreciate the two-thousand year historical project, then you can have a taste of typical Chinese flavour. And you can head to the Forbidden City, Tian’anmen, Temple of Heaven Park, Beihai Park and other scenic spots the next day to visit the authority center of ancient Chinese emperors.

4. Beijing three-day exquisite tour

If you can stay in Beijing for three days, you can have a fantastic experience of the profound history and the vigorous vitality of the old and also modern international metropolis. The first day can be spent in visiting the Great Wall to appreciate the grandeur of the ancient architectural wonder. The second day can be spent in visiting the Imperial Palace, Tian’anmen and other scenic spots to experience the prosperity of Chinese ancient emperors’ palace. The third day can be spent in visiting the Supreme Universities in China, Tsinghua University and Peking University, and visiting the landmarks of 2008 Olympic Games held in China.

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