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Asia Odyssey Travel & Tours Co Ltd

Xian Tibet Tours

The ancient city of Xian, formerly known in Chinese history as Changan, is one of the oldest cities in China and the oldest of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Xian has served as the capital city for 13 of China’s ruling dynasties so the city is filled with historic sites – the most important of which is, of course, the 2,200-year old Terracotta Warriors. But there is much more to see in Xi’an than just the iconic Terracotta Warriors and Horses. Xian was the capital city for the Tang Dynasty from 618 to 907 A.D. and it was the starting point for the ancient trading route the Silk Road, so its historic role in the development of China was a crucial one. With its unique cultural and historic significance, Xian is a must-see city for any traveler and a convenient gateway for anyone wishing to travel on to Tibet.

Xian Tibet Tours FAQ

  • How to travel to Tibet from Xian?

    Tourists are suggested to travel to Tibet from Xian by flights or train. If they do not want a long train ride, they can fly to Xining to catch a train to Lhasa

    By flights – It takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes and costs around 2300 RMB to take a flight from Xian to Lhasa. Taking a flight is the most recommended way to travel to Tibet, because there are several non-stop flights from Xian to Lhasa every day, and there are often discounts for flights tickets.

    By train – The sceneries along the railway from Xian to Lhasa are very beautiful. If it is ok for you to take a 32-hour-long train ride, you can take a train. The ticket price is around 1000 RMB.

    Fly to Xining, and then take a train to Lhasa – If you want to admire the sceneries along the railway, but do not want to spend too much time on a train. It is suggested to fly to Xining from Xian, and then take a train to Lhasa. You only need to spend 22 hours on the train in this way.

  • Is it worth to spend several days in Xian before departing for Tibet?

    Yes! Xian is one of the most historical cities in China. The Terracotta Army, Ancient City Wall, Wild Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi History Museum are the best places to learn about the history and culture about Xian and China. The Terracotta Army, a world heritage site selected by UNESCO, attracts thousands of tourists every year. The Qin Shihuang constructed this army to guard his tomb. Now, the underground army is priceless artwork for modern people.

    If you like delicacy, the Muslim Quarter is a must-go place. Countless local snacks, Barbeques, noodle restaurants and handcraft shops are grouped on this area. The roast mutton is a must-food in this area.

  • How was the Terracotta Army discovered?

    The Terracotta was discovered in 1974 by a local farmer in Shaanxi Province.

    In March 1974, a farmer tried to dig a well 1.5 kilometers to the east of the Tomb of Qin Shihuang. He did not find any water, but lots of fragments of terracotta warriors. He realized there must be something special under earth, so he reported this to the local government. However, the local government just asked him to dig a well anywhere else and tried to reassemble these fragments.

    In June 1974, a journalist of Xinhua News Agency saw these terracotta warriors and reported this to the central government in Beijing. After researching the area where these terracotta warriors were unearthed, the central government were sure there were much priceless relics in that area, so they sent lots of archeologists to unearth more ruins of Terracotta Army. Some of them are preserved very well.

Customers' Reviews
  • Time:15-04-2018

    Most of the people go to Tibet for spiritual enlightenment. I don’t see myself a purser of religion. But when I stood in front of Jokhang Temple, watching the numerous pilgrims. I was shocked than I would have imagined. Tibet is a wonderful place from local people to the natural resource. What makes this trip extradinary is our excellent guide. He accompanied us wherever we want to and showed us local spots off the beaten track. He is pretty good at English, always shared interesting stories. I learned a few Tibetan phrases from him. The hotel arranged by our agency is well located. We were able to walk around and found local restaurant easily. Anyway, great experience

  • Time:26-06-2019

    We had a unique travel experience in Tibet specailly the landscapes we saw and local people we met.

    Both of our tour guide and driver were excellent, our guide had a vast knowledge about the areas that we visited and also had extensive knowledge with the culture and history of Tibet. All the way, he made sure that we were comfortable with all aspects of the day. The place that he set for each day was appropriate for our abilities, because the tour schedule allowed for a slower start and initial days in Lhasa to adjust to the altitude. Also, the schedule did not put too much into one day. Once we departed from Lhasa and went to the higher altitudes, we did not have any problems with the heights because we were acclimated already, so a good schedule arrangment is very crucial for first-time tourists to Tibet. Our driver was very polite and accommodating person too, he always picked up us from the hotel on time every day and drove in a very safe manner and made us feel comfortable during the trip, he was a very nice man.

    Additionally, I never forget the blue sky and white cloud in Tibet, everywhere is so gorgeous that could rarely see in big cities, we love it so much and hoped to stay there longer time. But only one point I want to tell here, the 3 star standard hotel in Tibet actaully is not really equal to 3 star standard hotel I ever stayed in domestic big cities of China, so choose 4 star hotel is suggested, I think it would be much more comfortable stay in the trip. Overall, the Tibet tour was excellent, here I much thanks to our travel agency Odyseey and consultant Amy for everything you did for us for the trip, thank you!!

  • Time:16-05-2019

    Anfangs April 2019 flog ich von Zürich-Chengdu nach Xining Dort blieb ich 2 Nächte ( anklimatisieren) und nahm nachher den Abendzug nach Lhasa. Etwas skeptisch betr. Sauberkeit! Alles war tadellos und die Abteils 1. Klasse (unbedingt) sehr sauber. Nach 20 Std. Fahrt sah es dann anders aus! Mein Tipp gilt für die ganze Tibetreise, viel trinken (pro 1000m Höhe.1 Liter) kein Alkohol, kein Stress, Diamox und Nasenspray. Ich hatte die ganze Zeit überhaupt kein Problem ( der Körper signalisiert es frühzeitig)

    In Lhasa begann meine Overlandtour, die Gruppe bestand aus 2 Personen! Super! Die ganze Reise war wunderschön, alles gut organisiert. Ein Dankeschön geht an Asia Odyssey travel, besonders an Claire, meine Betreuerin ( die sehr gut deutsch sprich)t und an den Guide Pingzhuo, ein ganz toller, lieber Kerl!

    Ich kann die Tour in jeder Beziehung nur empfehlen!

  • Time:30-09-2019

    Last week we (4 of us) traveled to Tibet one way by train and return by flight.

    Upon arrival to Lhasa a tour guide Mr. Chimpel waited for us in the train station and took us to the hotel.

    A first class hotel big rooms very clean and best restaurants.

    The guide made a plan for the 3 days tour including all relevant sites of Lhasa and out of town.

    He's very knowledgeable and I feel like being in a class.

    At the end we (all the four of us) were very grateful to Amy who arrange all and our travel agency Asia Odyssey Travel.

    I will definitely recommend your office to any friend who will want to visit Tibet

    Best wishes.

  • Time:04-04-2018

    The trip is very satisfied overall, just a few things to watch. There are too many monasteries. I am not quite a fan of religion. The hotel air conditioner didn’t work well and the hot water went wrong some times. Wish the hotel condition could be better in the near future.

  • Time:29-05-2019

    Wonderful moments in Tibet thanks to Odyssey Travel. It was all so well organized thanks to Amy who had been so professional and supportive.

    The beauty of landscapes and people in Tibet were simply mesmerizing. Our guide and driver were amazing companions for this travel. The Kora of Mount Khalash was the highlight of this wonderful journey. I learned a lot about the culture of Tibet.

    Thank you Odissey!

    Philippe cori