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How to Apply for Tibet Travel Permit

What is Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit, also known as the Confirmation Letter to travel to Tibet and the the Visa for entering Tibet, is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau, which is a necessary entry permit for foreign tourists and Taiwan tourists to enter Tibet. If you do not apply for Tibet Travel Permit in advance, you are not allowed to take the planes, trains and other means of transportation to Tibet. As a result, there is no opportunity for you to visit this wonderful place.

According to relevant regulations, the Tibet Tourism Bureau does not accept applications for Tibet Travel Permit submitted by individuals. Therefore, visitors who want to travel to Tibet must apply for Tibet Travel Permit with the help of a qualified local travel agency in Tibet. Since the introduction of foreign guests to Tibet in 1984, Shigatse International Travel has provided tourism services and application letters of Tibet Travel Permit for over 4,000 foreign tourists every year. Our professional travel consultants will make a unique travel itinerary for you in person. If you book a trip from our agency, what you need to do is just send us a copy or photo of the necessary documents such as a Chinese visa, passport, etc. As soon as we get the documents, we will apply the Tibet Travel Permit for you. And Tibet Travel Permit will be delivered to your hotel or address where you stay in mainland China as soon as it is received. Meanwhile, we will also send the electronic version to you by Email.

Who needs to apply for Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit is an essential document for non-Chinese tourists to travel to Tibet. The following types of tourists need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit in advance:

  • Foreign tourists
  • Overseas Chinese tourists who do not hold a passport of the People's Republic of China and a Chinese ID card.
  • Taiwanese tourists

Warm Tips:

1. Hong Kong and Macao tourists who hold Hong Kong and Macao residents' travel permits (commonly known as Home Visit Permits) can travel to Tibet without having to apply for Tibet Travel Permit.

2. Diplomats, foreign journalists, professional photographers of the med and foreign government officials are unable to apply for Tibet Travel Permit through a travel agency. The above personnel need to apply directly to the Foreign Affairs Office of the Tibet Autonomous Region to apply for Tibet Travel Permit.

Where will Tibet Travel Permit be checked

As a necessary document for foreign tourists to travel to Tibet, Tibet Travel Permit is subject to be checked when the passengers board on flights or trains to Tibet, including the airport and train station at the place of departure. In addition, it will be checked when entering the border of Tibet. After entering Tibet, Tibet Travel Permit will be kept by the tour guides for inspection.

How to apply for Tibet Travel Permit

According to relevant regulations, Tibet Travel Permit of the tourists must be applied for through a local travel agency in Tibet that provides travel services. It only takes the following steps to successfully process Tibet Travel Permit.

Step 1: Submit your travel intention through the Internet.

Step 2: our professional travel consultant who provides a one to one service will contact you within 24 hours and customize a satisfactory itinerary according to your specific needs.

Step 3: After finalizing the itinerary including travel services, it’s necessary to sign a contract with us and pay a deposit.

Step 4: Send the electronic version of your passport, China visa and other required documents to us by email.

Step 5: We will submit all necessary documents to the Tibet Tourism Bureau and wait for the Tibet Travel Permit to be issued.

Step 6: Tibet Travel Permit will be delivered to the hotel where you stay or residence address in mainland China as soon as it is received, or we can directly send it to you by email.

Note: In order to be able to apply for Tibet Travel Permit in time, please send us the required materials 15 days before departure.

How to Receive Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit will be delivered to your hotel or address where you stay in mainland China as soon as it is received. If you choose to take a train to Tibet, we only need to send the electronic version to you for printing by Email, except Chongqing, Lanzhou and Xi'an. You need the original if you board on a train to Tibet from one of these three places.


1. Due to time constraints, Tibet Travel Permit can’t be delivered to the address outside China.

2. We guarantee that we will deliver Tibet Travel Permit to you at the first time when we receive it. However, the specific delivery time is determined by the courier company. If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will try our best to help you deal with the delivery problem.

More instructions about the journey

Chinese Visa

It’s necessary for foreign tourists to get a Chinese visa(except visa-free countries) first if they want to apply for Tibet Travel Permit. As for Taiwanese tourists, a valid Taiwanese certificate is needed. If you plan to enter Tibet from mainland China, you need to apply for a Chinese Tourist Visa (L visa) in advance. If you plan to enter Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal, it’s required to apply for the necessary documents through the Tourism Bureau, and then go to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu through the Nepal Travel Agency to apply for a Tibet tour visa. If you want more specific application methods, welcome to consult our travel consultants.

More documents for traveling

If you plan to go to visit Mount Everest Base Camp, Nyingchi or sacred mountains and the holy lake in Nagri, etc.. In addition to Tibet Travel Permit, it’s also necessary to apply for a foreigner travel permit and other relevant travel documents. What you need to do is just to inform your one-on-one travel consultant about your plan, and our consultants will assist you with all the appropriate documents.

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