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What to Pack for a Mount Kailash Trekking Tour?

Although Mount Kailash trekking tour is one of the most spectacular and spiritual treks in the world, it is also one of the most difficult treks in Tibet, and it is not suitable for timid people. This trekking route around the world's most sacred mountain range is 52-kilometer long, the terrain is steep, and there is a mountain pass (Dolma La) more than 5,000 meters above sea level. It is one of the goals on the target list of brave explorers, which will surely make you unforgettable.

It takes 3 days to finish the circumambulation, which is just a part of the journey, generally the tour also includes Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, and Everest Base Camp. Mount Kailash is located in the Gangdise Mountains in the Ngari region of western Tibet. The weather in this region is volatile. Even if the first day is sunny, and the weather can change to the opposite side the next day. During this trekking journey, the altitude goes over 4000 meters, so it is very important to be fully prepared for all possible scenarios. This is not an afternoon stroll in wood, you need to make sure you are fully equipped for this task.

Documents Needed for Trekking around Mount Kailash

The Mount Kailash can be reached from Lhasa or Kathmandu. You need to have all the necessary documents to come here. Mount Kailash is located in remote western Tibet. Compared to any other place on this trip, going to Mount Kailash requires more documents, permits, and passes. For those who come to Tibet from China, you can get a Chinese entry visa at any Chinese embassy, and you must obtain a visa before you book the trip. If you come to Tibet from Nepal, as soon as you arrive in Kathmandu, our agent will apply for a Chinese group visa for you. The process takes only 3 days, and you should plan to arrive in Kathmandu at least five days before the travel date.

The Tibet Travel Permit is the first document you should obtain, this needs a reservation of a Tibet tour. Once you have booked the tour with us, we will use the copy of your passport and visa to apply the Tibet Travel Permit for you, it takes about 15-20 days. So please spare sufficient time for the process.

To leave Lhasa for Everest Base Camp, you will also need a foreigner ’s travel permit and a border pass. Usually, these are applied to the local government office with your original passport and Tibet Travel Permit after you arrive in Lhasa. Your guide will handle these applications on your behalf, and the processing time will only take a few hours. If you are going to Mount Kailash from Kathmandu, we will handle these documents for you before you arrive in Nepal.

Clothes and Shoes Needed for Trekking around Mount Kailash

What should be packed is quite relies on when you travel. However, considering the remote mountainous areas and higher altitudes, even in summer, you need to be prepared for cold weather. The first thing you should consider is to have a suitable backpack to carry all the equipment. Although yaks and horses can be hired to help you with your luggage, they are expensive and will affect your travel experience. When the weather is not very warm, the clothes need to keep warm enough, it is best to wear a few more layers of clothes so that the clothes can be increased or decreased according to the temperature. Wearing thermal underwear first, and then wear several layers of thinner clothes until you reach a comfortable temperature. Please Consider wearing at least 5 layers of clothes, because you cannot wash clothes along the road. The most important thing is that you need a serious warm jacket, a down jacket or a wool jacket is the best choice for warmth.

Autumn pants are the best choice to wear under the cover pants because it can prevent the legs from getting cold, and also wear thick socks instead of thin socks. Trekking pants are the best choice. Although it is expensive, they usually have wool or cotton inside.  Waterproof and Sturdy cotton trousers are better than jeans. Because you will walk through some very steep and rugged mountain roads, strong trekking boots are necessary. If you want to buy a new pair of shoes, it is best to wear them a few weeks before coming to Tibet, so that the shoes will be polished to fit your foot shape, reducing the risk of blisters. When the weather gets cold, you also need gloves to warm your hands, and hats and sunglasses to avoid the dazzling sunlight. Although a brimless hat keeps your head warm, a brim hat could prevent dazzling sunlight from reaching your head, face, and neck.

Trekking Equipment for Mount Kailash

Although some trekking does not require any professional equipment, but trekking Mount Kailash is a difficult trek with a steep climb. One or two trekking poles can help you in the rugged road and maintain balance on uneven roads. There may be a need to camp outside along the way, especially when the temple that provides accommodation is full. During the peak period of Mount Kailash’s trekking and the main pilgrimage season, the hotel in the temple is quickly filled up, but both of the temples you will stay in have their campsites. You also need to bring a small one-person tent. Tents that are easy to install and retract are the best, professional trekking and camping shops offer many ideal tents.


Toiletries are a must because there are very few opportunities to find toilet paper in hotels. You will need them when you are outside on the road. Wipes are better than toilet paper and can be cleaned when no water is provided. Although there is no bathing during trekking, bring a towel and some antibacterial soaps, as well as dental hygiene kits. If you are a lady with long hair, remember to bring a comb and a hairband, because it is better to tie your hair when you are trekking. Environmental hygiene and cleanliness, a bottle of water and a dry towel are also beneficial.

Medicines and First Aid Kit

Although your guide usually carries some first aid equipment, it is best to bring a simple first aid kit yourself. A basic first aid kit should contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and a disinfectant to clean small wounds, and be covered with plasters or band-aids. It should also include crepe bandages, triangle bandages, safety pins, gauze, and tape. If more serious injuries occur along the way, you should go to the hospital for treatment, we will take you to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Additional items for trekking the Mount Kailash

The most important thing is to bring some essentials to avoid dazzling sunlight and keep energetic during the trekking. Sunlight at this altitude is more harmful than it at sea level, so please use an effective sunscreen. A sun protection rate of 30 is sufficient because studies have shown that sunscreens with higher sun protection rates do not provide better protection. Sunglasses can help avoid direct sunlight, and you should also wear glasses that protect against ultraviolet rays. Winds at higher altitudes are bitterly cold and may also cause dry lips and facial skin. If your sunscreen has no moisturizing effect, you should also bring a lip balm and moisturizer. Visitors who need energy on the way should bring some high-calorie snacks, which can be eaten while walking. Chocolate, cookies, dried fruits and nuts, and oatmeal cookies are ideal choices. Mixed-flavor cereals, dried fruits, and nuts are the best snacks for trekking. Most of them contain nuts, beans, chocolate chips, banana chips, crystalline ginger, and dried fruits such as cranberries, raisins, currants, apricots, apples, and orange peel.

We Help You Pack Lightly

For those who want to travel lightly to Tibet, we can provide you with some items to reduce the weight of your luggage. With a minimum deposit of 50 yuan, we also provide rental services for trekking poles, camping lights, and portable chargers. We also rent tents and sleeping bags to help you reduce the weight of your luggage when you travel to Tibet. There are also warm and comfortable Tibetan apron, hot water bottle, comfortable and warm scarf, neck pillow, earplugs, camping tableware, and even eye masks that can help you sleep better. Why not buy one of our souvenir cups for your trip to fill up with warm Tibetan sweet tea? As a staunch supporter of ecotourism, we have a series of custom-designed drinking glasses that can hold cold and hot water, as well as an insulation layer to prevent scalding of hands. This cup is convenient to use and can minimize the impact of the cold of the environment, making it ideal for trekking in Mount Kailash.

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