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Asia Odyssey Travel & Tours Co Ltd

Tibet Train Tours

It is certainly an interesting and exciting experience to take a Tibet Train Tour! In the past traveling to Tibet could only be a remote dream for most people. Poor accessibility, lack of transportation and the high altitude made many people hesitant to travel to this mysterious and exotic land. With advances in technology and construction techniques, it is now possible to easily travel to Tibet by train via the Qinghai-Tibet railway! As a professional Tibet tour operator, we are a reliable provider of enjoyable Tibet Train Tours so that you can experience a Tibet Train Tour for yourself. With high demand for train tickets to Tibet, please note that it is sometimes more difficult to purchase train tickets for trains going to Tibet than for trains leaving Tibet so it is best to plan any train trip to Tibet as far in advance as possible. Because of the difficulty in obtaining train tickets for the trip into Tibet, we strongly advise traveling into Tibet by airplane, and then experiencing the Qinghai – Tibet railway leaving Tibet as you will still be able to witness the exact same scenery, just in reverse. With greater availability, the outgoing train tickets from Tibet are more guaranteed. The Tibet Train Tour that we can provide for you will give you great enjoyment and a unique experience on the “roof of the world”.

Tibet Train Tours FAQ

  • How to get to Tibet from mainland China by train?

    From mainland China to Tibet, you should decide which city to start off first. At present, you can depart from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’ning or Lanzhou. There are direct trains to Tibet in the seven cities above.

    The second step, you’re supposed to book a tour and railway ticket through a travel agency located in Tibet, then apply for relevant permits and visas before you start your journey.

    At last, board on a train heading to Tibet, and please don’t forget to enjoy the glorious scenery along the way.

  • Which city is the best place to take the train to Tibet?

    It recommended to start a train ride to Tibet from these seven cities: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’ning or Lanzhou. Among them, we highly recommend you to launch your tour from Xi’ning. The reasons as following,

    1. It takes only 20 hours to arrive in Lhasa from Xi’ning, you don’t need to spend much more time staying in the narrow space on the train.

    2. The highlights of this train trip are the sceneries along the railway from Xi’ning to Lhasa, Qinghai Lake and the Hoh Xil prairie.

    3. It will be more flexible in choosing trains if you start from Xi’ning, since every train to Tibet would pass there.

  • Can I take a taxi to downtown from the Lhasa train station?

    Taking a taxi in Tibet is not allowed for foreign tourists under current regulations. You are required to hire the local guide and a car with a driver and a license plate. Besides, you should sign up in a local travel agency in Tibet before your trip, and apply for the relevant travel permit in advance. You couldn’t board on a train to Tibet until the conductor checks your permits and ticket. Please feel free to contact us to arrange both the permits and train tickets for you.

    After you get off at Lhasa, our guide and driver will be waiting for you at the station, and help you with your trip.

Customers' Reviews
  • Time:14-05-2018

    I had to mention our tour guide – Puktso because he is too nice. He is very passionate and thoughtful when he talked with us on the daily tour arrangement. We reschedule a little bit and he gave us great ideas. I like all the stories and insight knowledge on local life he shared with us. We enjoyed a wonderful trip with his company.

  • Time:06-06-2019

    I had a wonderful 9 days trip in tibet. I enjoyed very aspect of this trip. Registration and organisation was very easy, and the driver was very kind and enthusiastic, so we weren't bored even during long distances. The food was great, and I especially enjoyed the purple sweet potato. The staff were polite and did their best to make us feel comfortable and listen to our needs.

    I felt comfortable with everyone I met on this trip. I truly felt as if I had experienced and witnessed the lifestyle of Tibet, and I definitely recommend this place to other travelers. If the chance arises, I would like to go on this trip once again.

    Thanks Amy, Tashi; he was a fantastic guide and my sweet driver; he made me laugh a lot. Oh, don't forget to bring a lot of headache tablet you might need a lot.

  • Time:17-08-2019

    Wir haben zuvor einige Touren und Agenturen verglichen. Natürlich ist es schwierig auf die Entfernung und mit den doch wenigen Rezessionen einen Überblick zu bekommen, sind aber sehr froh uns letztendlich für diese Agentur und Route entschieden zu haben.

    Von Anfang hat uns unsere Ansprechpartnerin Claire bei allen Fragen geholfen - inkl. Visaantrag und Einreiseerlaubnis. Wir haben wirklich etliche Mails hin und her geschrieben und wurden immer fürsorglich behandelt.

    Vor Ort wurden wir am Flughafen empfangen und unsere Guides waren alle sehr nett. Die Ausflüge super interessant und man hat einen tollen Einblick bekommen. Das Programm war nicht zu viel und nicht zu wenig, wirklich toll gemacht!! Die Hotels waren weit besser als wir erwartet haben. Wir haben oft Tips für Restaurants oder bestimmte Gerichte bekommen. Es gab überhaupt keine Probleme bei Ausflügen, Organisation oder den etlichen Kontrollen im Land. Wir wurden selbst noch bis hinter die Passkontrollen an der Grenze zu Nepal begleitet. Erst als unser Guide wirklich nicht weiter durfte, haben wir uns verabschiedet.

    Die Gruppen waren nett gemischt und die Wagen alle europäischer Standard.

    Wir würden die Agentur und die Route jedem empfehlen!

    Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank für eine unvergessliche Reise!

  • Time:11-08-2019

    The tour guide and diver are pretty kind and zealous! And all the stories the guide told are very attractive as well. Hope next time visiting there, they can entertain us again.

  • Time:05-08-2019

    My best friend and I were looking forward to taking the train ride from Xining to Lhasa. Unfortunately, until the day we landed in Chengdu, our tour operator (different from Asia Odyssey) was unable to purchase the tickets for us. I contacted Danny after Googling and he was extremely helpful. Within 3 hours of contact, he had our train tickets. They were delivered to our hotel the next day before we left for Xining, and until we boarded the train, he was in contact with us to ensure that everything went smoothly. Thanks to Danny, we got to experience this once in a lifetime journey! Highly recommended for excellent and fast response! Thanks, Danny!

  • Time:08-06-2018

    This is my first trip to Tibet, so I have high expectation to my Tibet trip. First, our guide, Jack, arranged for visit to temples and monasteries. Also, they're able to adjust our itinerary quickly. I'm glad I had a great Tibet trip.