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Asia Odyssey Travel & Tours Co Ltd

Tibet Train Tours

It is certainly an interesting and exciting experience to take a Tibet Train Tour! In the past traveling to Tibet could only be a remote dream for most people. Poor accessibility, lack of transportation and the high altitude made many people hesitant to travel to this mysterious and exotic land. With advances in technology and construction techniques, it is now possible to easily travel to Tibet by train via the Qinghai-Tibet railway! As a professional Tibet tour operator, we are a reliable provider of enjoyable Tibet Train Tours so that you can experience a Tibet Train Tour for yourself. With high demand for train tickets to Tibet, please note that it is sometimes more difficult to purchase train tickets for trains going to Tibet than for trains leaving Tibet so it is best to plan any train trip to Tibet as far in advance as possible. Because of the difficulty in obtaining train tickets for the trip into Tibet, we strongly advise traveling into Tibet by airplane, and then experiencing the Qinghai – Tibet railway leaving Tibet as you will still be able to witness the exact same scenery, just in reverse. With greater availability, the outgoing train tickets from Tibet are more guaranteed. The Tibet Train Tour that we can provide for you will give you great enjoyment and a unique experience on the “roof of the world”.

Tibet Train Tours FAQ

  • How to get to Tibet from mainland China by train?

    From mainland China to Tibet, you should decide which city to start off first. At present, you can depart from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’ning or Lanzhou. There are direct trains to Tibet in the seven cities above.

    The second step, you’re supposed to book a tour and railway ticket through a travel agency located in Tibet, then apply for relevant permits and visas before you start your journey.

    At last, board on a train heading to Tibet, and please don’t forget to enjoy the glorious scenery along the way.

  • Which city is the best place to take the train to Tibet?

    It recommended to start a train ride to Tibet from these seven cities: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’ning or Lanzhou. Among them, we highly recommend you to launch your tour from Xi’ning. The reasons as following,

    1. It takes only 20 hours to arrive in Lhasa from Xi’ning, you don’t need to spend much more time staying in the narrow space on the train.

    2. The highlights of this train trip are the sceneries along the railway from Xi’ning to Lhasa, Qinghai Lake and the Hoh Xil prairie.

    3. It will be more flexible in choosing trains if you start from Xi’ning, since every train to Tibet would pass there.

  • Can I take a taxi to downtown from the Lhasa train station?

    Taking a taxi in Tibet is not allowed for foreign tourists under current regulations. You are required to hire the local guide and a car with a driver and a license plate. Besides, you should sign up in a local travel agency in Tibet before your trip, and apply for the relevant travel permit in advance. You couldn’t board on a train to Tibet until the conductor checks your permits and ticket. Please feel free to contact us to arrange both the permits and train tickets for you.

    After you get off at Lhasa, our guide and driver will be waiting for you at the station, and help you with your trip.

Customers' Reviews
  • Time:12-07-2019

    Thanks for Tibet odyssey. Me and my friend had an unforgettable and amazing 9 days tour in Tibet in June 2019. During those 9days, our tour guide Ms Gao hong were really responsible, helpful and reliable, he arranged all of the schedule and help us to go through every single day smoothly, safely and comfortable, even when we in the highest place where is altitude 5200m, we didn’t feel any afraid and fearful. He explained and shared lots of history, knowledges and culture of Tibet with us, odyssey not only helped us to experience the amazing views but also delivered lots of knowledges to us.

    Ms Kay helped us to deal with lots of problems and offered the kindest advice and service. Giving us flexible arrangements and respond our question effectively.

    Fully recommend Asia odyssey!!!!

  • Time:05-09-2019

    We are thankful so much again to our agency Asia Odyssey Travel and my dear Amy for the wonderful arrangement and make my trip to Mt Kailash trip possible, really apperiated! We did Kora around Mt.Kailash for 3 days in August as I had been looking forward this trip for quite a long time, even the second day of Kora are hardest to all of us because part of the roads are covered by snowing with long-distance walking and quite high altitude too, so we spent a lot of physical strength on this but it’s totally worth because the views along the way are very incredible, I think we may not have much chance or time to go there again.

    Anyway, I really miss Tibet also my dear, hope we will come and see you one day again, many thanks again for all of your help!!!

  • Time:05-01-2019

    My first and only group tour trip so far. What shall I say? Everything worked like a clockwork. My group mates where great and we had a lot of fun (and celebrated new year successfully). The travel agency (asia Odyssey travel) was definitely a good choice. The advises and caretaking I got from my agency (thanks amy, you are an angel ) was better then the one of my other group members (we talked about it openly). I'm lucky that I choose this trip, tour and agency. It was a good experience and I can definitely recommend it if you like a good and organized tour through tibet.

  • Time:30-05-2019

    We had a wonderful 8 days trip in Tibet with agency Odyssey travel’s organization and thanks too to our operator Amy’s help from begining to the end. Also, our guide she is an excellent guide, she is passionate and knowledgeable about Tibetan culture and religion, she taught us more than we thought. Thank you again Amy for your patience and all the follow-ups when I had questions even at night local time in China, it was great to have you as my tour operator. I feel very lucky to have accomplished my goal to the Mr. Everest, thanks for making this possible for us : )

  • Time:29-05-2019

    We were very impressed with the travel agency Aisa Odyssey Tour and our organizer Amy who arranged all details swiftly without any worries. We took the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa and were told we need the group visas to board the flight to Lhasa from there, this agency helped us get both of our group visas and Tibet visas sucessfully before the tour began as we expected and smoothly arrived in Lhasa as planned, really apprecaited!

    Tibet is great place we did not want to leave because it’s really fabulous, but of course the long drives across the Tibetan plains to Everest base camp and the fantastic blue skies everyday, we spent a wonderful 7 days trip in Tibet with help of Amy and saw some nice monasteries, lakes, mountains and friendly local Tibetans etc.

    Overall, our tour guide is very knowledgeable with culture and history of Tibet and always satisfy us as best as she could, our driver is a good person too and was driving in a safe way everywhere. Tibet is such a beatiful place, hope me and my wife could have a chance to come back again someday to spend more time for visiting further place of Tibet like Kailash? I will contact this agency again then, thanks again for making my long-awaited dream came true!

  • Time:11-05-2018

    From the airport pickup time to the train station drop of, we enjoyed a five star service. I was welcome in a Tibetan way with Hada and Tibetan greetings, and our guide was careful with my itinerary and flight schedule, very thoughtful.