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Tibet Trekking Tour

The Tibet Trekking Tour consists mostly of a hiking trip to the famous mountains and lakes of Tibet, with the path at times going from one monastery to another through remote villages. Trekking in Tibet, where the most extensive expanse of mountains surround the highest and largest plateau on earth, is an experience that you cannot get anywhere else. Generally from April to October is the best season for a Tibet trekking tour. But the best time for your customized tour really depends on your intended route. A normal winter Tibet hiking tour schedule could be quite comfortable as there are fewer people during the off season with incredibly beautiful winter scenery. A Tibet Trekking Tour is a true adventure no matter what season you decide to go. The hiking in Tibet is strenous, but the opportunity to see some of the world's most remote and untouched corners makes the effort very worthwhile. We have compiled a suggested list of trekking and hiking tours in Tibet for your reference here.

Tibet Trekking Tour FAQ

  • What kind of visa should I apply for in order to take a trek in Tibet?

    You need at least two visas for a Tibetan tour. One is the Chinese visa issued by the local Chinese Embassy in your home country; the other one is the Tibet Visa issued by the Tibet Travel Bureau. You must ask a local Tibet travel agency to apply for the Tibet Visa for you. Then, if you want to go trekking in Mount Kailash or Everest areas, Foreigner Pass and Military Permit are necessary. If your trip is booked with a Tibetan travel agency, just send them the photocopies of your passport and China visa, the agency will handle all the rest stuff to you.

  • What kind of clothes should I wear for a trek in Tibet?

    If you want to trek in the rural areas in Tibet, you must wear thermal clothes. The weather in Tibet is changeable so we suggest you prepare coats and sweaters. Recommended items are following: household first-aid case, water purification tablets, tissues, flashlight, sleeping bags, comfortable walking shoes, dust mask, art knife, sun cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.

  • Can I trek alone in Tibet?

    For the international tourists, traveling alone in Tibet is not allowed at present. They must be accompanied by a local guide. Actually, even if there is no restriction, we still suggest you hire a guide. The geographical conditions are so complex that you may have altitude sickness easily. An experienced guide can give you useful advice when this happens.

  • How to lessen altitude sickness while trekking in Tibet?

    Altitude sickness is common for tourists to Tibet. The average altitude of Tibet is over 4000 meters. Meanwhile, almost all trekking routes have even exceeded 5000 meters’ height. Therefore, you must be fully adapted to the altitude of Tibet before you start trekking. If you feel uncomfortable while trekking, such as fever, headache, vomiting, dreaminess or loss of appetite and insomnia, please tell your guide immediately. Once symptoms of altitude sickness occur, the best treatment is to go down to a relatively lower-altitude area.

  • How much does a Tibet trekking tour cost?

    It is hard to say the specific cost of trekking in Tibet, because it depends on your trekking route and traveling time. In general, trekking in Tibet is more expensive than routine sightseeing. If you're going to trek to a relatively remote area, you need to hire an experienced driver and a knowledgeable guide.

  • Where could I rent sleeping bags and tents in Tibet?

    To plan a trekking tour in Tibet, you need to prepare your trekking items in advance. Most of the trekking items can be found in Lhasa and rented after your arrival in Lhasa. The price of renting trekking items varies in different seasons. You can find a place to rent trekking items with the help of our tour guides, who will find the best prices for you.

Customers' Reviews
  • Time:15-06-2018

    With the accompaniment of our experienced driver and guide-Lomsang. I forgot the name of our driver. Terribly sorry. He did a great job. Our guide is fluent in English, we had no problem in communicating. He made us laugh during the long drive and took care of my daughter. We had altitude sickness when we were at the tent of Everest Base Camp, he didn’t sleep well also in order to look after us. He also explained tibetan culture clearly which I find it pretty interesting. We would like to thank him for making our trip in tibet extraordinary. We were lucky to book a tour with Tibet odyssey tours.

  • Time:15-07-2018

    Firstly, special thanks to our tour guide we met, Mr. 扎西. He was so helpful, knowledgeable, considerate, experienced and professional. He is fluent in English. We had smooth conversation.
    Secondly, thanks to our tour Consultant, Amy, for organizing o

  • Time:01-05-2019

    Wir konnten wunderbare Tage auf dem Dach der Welt verbringen - und wenn es heute erneut die Möglichkeit geben würde - Ja ich würde diese Reise noch einmal unternehmen. Dennoch sind es große Anstrengungen und die Touren im Auto sind lang. 2 Tage dauert die Autotour zum BaseCamp - Achtung - bei der Anreise überquert man bereits die ersten 3 Pässe mit über 5000m - daher sollte eine gesundheitliche Abwägung oberste Priorität haben. Tolle Organisation mit AMY - ich kann es nur jeden empfehlen, da Sie wirklich Sehr gut und schnell auf alle Anfragen, Anregungen und Änderungen eingeht. Ein Tip nach Möglichkeit mit der Tourguidin Kelsan Droma reisen - Auch Sie versteht es wunderbar Ihr Land näher zu bringen und lebt so positiv.

  • Time:23-06-2019

    We went to Tibet at June 2019,our tour was arrange by Amy from Chengdu, she is very kind and helpful, we have a lot of questions before the trip, she can answer them with full of patience.

    First day, our driver and tour guide waited at airport and drive us to our lovely hotel (4 star himalaya hotel). the tour guide Mr Ba Sang from Tibet is very caring and helpful throughout the journey. Everything is well planned and taken care of. He brings us to nice local restaurants and have a good taste of local cuisine. In temple, we given detail explanation on the culture and explain to us the practice of the people. Experience at Everest Base camp is unforgettable, we able to see the remarkable view of everest mountain.

    Tibet is a place you will want to visit again and again.

    Driver Mr Xia is a good, responsible and steady driver. He drives us safely to all locations.

    Hopefully next time we can join the Ling Zhi trip to see flowers in spring time.

    Highly recommended this tour and this travel agents for their excellent service. We are happy to join on this tour.

  • Time:15-04-2018

    Most of the people go to Tibet for spiritual enlightenment. I don’t see myself a purser of religion. But when I stood in front of Jokhang Temple, watching the numerous pilgrims. I was shocked than I would have imagined. Tibet is a wonderful place from local people to the natural resource. What makes this trip extradinary is our excellent guide. He accompanied us wherever we want to and showed us local spots off the beaten track. He is pretty good at English, always shared interesting stories. I learned a few Tibetan phrases from him. The hotel arranged by our agency is well located. We were able to walk around and found local restaurant easily. Anyway, great experience

  • Time:20-07-2019

    This trip has been part of our family’s bragging card at get togethers and parties ever since we stepped foot out of Tibet. But it would have not been without the preparation and help from Xiao Yu, our tour planner from Chengdu. In addition our tour guide Julia was extremely informative and a joy to be around for those 8 days. The hotels were extremely nice and the places along the way were magnificent. Our family felt very welcomed to the area and we enjoyed the endless insight into the beautiful culture and religion (It helped out the person taking world history next year in our family). We would definitely recommend this trip to other family and friends as it is worth every single petty bit of the high elevation fatigue.