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Asia Odyssey Travel & Tours Co Ltd

Tibet Trekking Tour

The Tibet Trekking Tour consists mostly of a hiking trip to the famous mountains and lakes of Tibet, with the path at times going from one monastery to another through remote villages. Trekking in Tibet, where the most extensive expanse of mountains surround the highest and largest plateau on earth, is an experience that you cannot get anywhere else. Generally from April to October is the best season for a Tibet trekking tour. But the best time for your customized tour really depends on your intended route. A normal winter Tibet hiking tour schedule could be quite comfortable as there are fewer people during the off season with incredibly beautiful winter scenery. A Tibet Trekking Tour is a true adventure no matter what season you decide to go. The hiking in Tibet is strenous, but the opportunity to see some of the world's most remote and untouched corners makes the effort very worthwhile. We have compiled a suggested list of trekking and hiking tours in Tibet for your reference here.

Tibet Trekking Tour FAQ

  • What kind of visa should I apply for in order to take a trek in Tibet?

    You need at least two visas for a Tibetan tour. One is the Chinese visa issued by the local Chinese Embassy in your home country; the other one is the Tibet Visa issued by the Tibet Travel Bureau. You must ask a local Tibet travel agency to apply for the Tibet Visa for you. Then, if you want to go trekking in Mount Kailash or Everest areas, Foreigner Pass and Military Permit are necessary. If your trip is booked with a Tibetan travel agency, just send them the photocopies of your passport and China visa, the agency will handle all the rest stuff to you.

  • What kind of clothes should I wear for a trek in Tibet?

    If you want to trek in the rural areas in Tibet, you must wear thermal clothes. The weather in Tibet is changeable so we suggest you prepare coats and sweaters. Recommended items are following: household first-aid case, water purification tablets, tissues, flashlight, sleeping bags, comfortable walking shoes, dust mask, art knife, sun cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.

  • Can I trek alone in Tibet?

    For the international tourists, traveling alone in Tibet is not allowed at present. They must be accompanied by a local guide. Actually, even if there is no restriction, we still suggest you hire a guide. The geographical conditions are so complex that you may have altitude sickness easily. An experienced guide can give you useful advice when this happens.

  • How to lessen altitude sickness while trekking in Tibet?

    Altitude sickness is common for tourists to Tibet. The average altitude of Tibet is over 4000 meters. Meanwhile, almost all trekking routes have even exceeded 5000 meters’ height. Therefore, you must be fully adapted to the altitude of Tibet before you start trekking. If you feel uncomfortable while trekking, such as fever, headache, vomiting, dreaminess or loss of appetite and insomnia, please tell your guide immediately. Once symptoms of altitude sickness occur, the best treatment is to go down to a relatively lower-altitude area.

  • How much does a Tibet trekking tour cost?

    It is hard to say the specific cost of trekking in Tibet, because it depends on your trekking route and traveling time. In general, trekking in Tibet is more expensive than routine sightseeing. If you're going to trek to a relatively remote area, you need to hire an experienced driver and a knowledgeable guide.

  • Where could I rent sleeping bags and tents in Tibet?

    To plan a trekking tour in Tibet, you need to prepare your trekking items in advance. Most of the trekking items can be found in Lhasa and rented after your arrival in Lhasa. The price of renting trekking items varies in different seasons. You can find a place to rent trekking items with the help of our tour guides, who will find the best prices for you.

Customers' Reviews
  • Time:05-08-2019

    My best friend and I were looking forward to taking the train ride from Xining to Lhasa. Unfortunately, until the day we landed in Chengdu, our tour operator (different from Asia Odyssey) was unable to purchase the tickets for us. I contacted Danny after Googling and he was extremely helpful. Within 3 hours of contact, he had our train tickets. They were delivered to our hotel the next day before we left for Xining, and until we boarded the train, he was in contact with us to ensure that everything went smoothly. Thanks to Danny, we got to experience this once in a lifetime journey! Highly recommended for excellent and fast response! Thanks, Danny!

  • Time:19-08-2019

    - From arranging our Tibet Permit, organizing paperwork, answering all sorts of questions/doubts, our travel consultant SHIRLEY was amazing. A big thanks to her for making us highly trust the company.

    - And a big shout out & thanks to our guide DAWA TSERING (guide) - DAWA GANTESN (driver) from TCT, for an amazing time & experience.

    Both were welcoming, polite, helpful, knowledgeable, kind.

    - Amazing trip..

  • Time:26-05-2019

    Wir reisten im April diesen Jahres (gute Reisezeit) nach Tibet, mit Tibet Odyssey Tours als Reiseveranstalter. Es hat uns sehr bewegt und wir träumen immer noch von unserer Reise nach Tibet, von der frischen Luft, den grünen Seen, den majestätischen Bergen und den vielen weiteren Sehenwürdigkeiten. Wir möchten unbedingt erneut nach Tibet. Die Einheimischen waren besonders freundlich zu den Touristen. Ein paar sprachen zwar kein Chinesisch, aber sie haben uns angelächelt und uns somit hallo gesagt. Wir haben uns einfach sehr Wilkommen gefühlt. Tibet Odyssey Tours ist eine perfekte Reiseagentur und wir hatten einen Tourguide mit viel Humor, Ortskenntnissen und Einfühlungsvermögen : ) Auf unserem Weg zum Everest Base Camp hat er uns stets gute Orte für Fotos empfohlen und er hat sich gut um uns gekümmert, z.B. wenn jemand an der Höhenkrankheit litt. Er war stets besorgt um unsere Gesundheit und hat uns jederzeit immer geholfen. Wir haben eine Nacht im Everest Base Camp geschlafen. Die Erfahrung war einmalig. Leider gab es nur eine öffentliche Toilette und es war sehr kalt, aber unser Guide hat uns mit den bescheidenen Mitteln, die vor Ort vorhanden waren, geholfen. Er hat sogar für Licht mit seinem Handy gesorgt. Diese Hilfsbereitschaft hat uns wirklich sehr bewegt. Die Reiseagentour können wir nur wärmstens empfehlen. Hier gilt unser spezieller Dank Amy, die sich sehr viel Mühe gegeben hat.

    Unsere nächste Tour buchen wir wieder dort.

  • Time:06-06-2019

    I had a wonderful 9 days trip in tibet. I enjoyed very aspect of this trip. Registration and organisation was very easy, and the driver was very kind and enthusiastic, so we weren't bored even during long distances. The food was great, and I especially enjoyed the purple sweet potato. The staff were polite and did their best to make us feel comfortable and listen to our needs.

    I felt comfortable with everyone I met on this trip. I truly felt as if I had experienced and witnessed the lifestyle of Tibet, and I definitely recommend this place to other travelers. If the chance arises, I would like to go on this trip once again.

    Thanks Amy, Tashi; he was a fantastic guide and my sweet driver; he made me laugh a lot. Oh, don't forget to bring a lot of headache tablet you might need a lot.

  • Time:05-10-2019

    First at all, we would like to say we have a wonderful 9D8N Tibet trip arrange by Asia Oddessy Travel, they are really provide a professional consult and guide from the begining until the end (including booking train ticket, flight ticket, chengdu hotel and airport pickup services & payment services).

    Secondly, a special Big THANK YOU to our pretty travel advisor Amy, with her great experiences, good English communication, patient & friendly client services, we are finally completed our wonderful trip with a lot of joys and happiness. Thumb up to Amy!!! You did a perfect job here!!!

    At last, Tibet is an amazing place you must pay a visit once in your life time, for a foreign traveller, to avoid any hassle during the trip, I highly recommend Asia Odyssey Travel Service Co Ltd.

    Best Regards

    Jacky & Ryan (From Malaysia)

  • Time:21-09-2018

    It was the first time we went to Tibet. Too much things we need to arrange, itinerary, travel date, tickets, permit…We were lucky to have had Kay handle our plan. She was professional, efficient and dealt everything in order. Our trip went smoothly as planned. We visited Lhasa, yamdroke lake, Everest, the beauty of Tibet was beyond my expectation except the altitude sickness.