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How to Buy Outdoor Products in Tibet?

Tibet, located in "The Third Pole", is a pure land on earth. The landscape is vast and changeable here, with white clouds in the blue sky and high mountains surrounded by clouds. The natural landscape is magnificent in Tibet, which is suitable for outdoor hiking, outdoor cycling, outdoor drifting, and other activities. Outdoor activities naturally require some outdoor products. The necessary outdoor products are mainly sun-protective thermal items in Tibet.

What Kind of Outdoor Products are Necessary for a Trip to Tibet?

Ordinary tourists need to pay extra attention to sun protection and cold protection. Tourists who hike or take hiking routes need to equip themselves with professional hiking equipment, and those who take cycling routes also need professional cycling equipment.

Sun-protective Items: sunscreen, sunglasses, sunbonnet, sun-protective oversleeves.

Cold-proof items: a down coat, thermal clothes, thermal shoes and socks, a down sleeping bag.

Hiking items: hiking shoes, an alpenstock, a hiking backpack, waterproof clothes.

Cycling items: a professional bicycle, cycling safety protection equipment, cycling clothes, and so on.

Where Do You Need Professional Outdoor Products to Go in Tibet?

The ordinary trip to Tibet has mainly two types of activities: to visit temples and palaces and to enjoy the picturesque view. Whichever it is, sun protection is always a top priority during a trip to Tibet. Sun protection is to prevent not only sunburns but also UV burns.

Cold protection is also the most important, apart from sun protection. It is necessary to prepare some clothes for defending cold when you travel to Tibet, whether in spring, summer, autumn, or winter. It may be snowing everywhere, even in the hot summer of July and August in Tibet, especially in high altitude areas. The weather is changeable and cannot be fully predicted in Tibet. Therefore, it is recommended to make more preparations so as not to catch a cold with fewer clothes when a cold wave comes.

Tourists who take the Kangrinboqe hiking route should prepare a pair of comfortable hiking shoes for themselves, and an alpenstock is also necessary. Roads to Kangrinboqe are both good and bad. There are flat grounds as well as steep slopes, and an alpenstock can help you save effort. Besides, it is recommended to bring your cold-proof sleeping bag if you hike to Kangrinboqe. There may also be inadequate methods to defend cold and keep warm due to the limited accommodation all along the way. A sleeping bag can not only keep warm but also ensure a clean and neat sleeping environment. It can provide tourists with a good sleeping environment after a long day of hiking. (It is unnecessary to bring a sleeping bag when going to Everest Base Camp, Ngari Prefecture, Namtso, and other places. Places that can be accessible by road all have good accommodation.)

Customers can contact us to organize a private group if they have needs for cycling, photography, and other needs. You can choose to bring your professional equipment or to buy or rent the necessary equipment in Tibet.

Where Can You Buy Outdoor Products in Tibet?

Tibet is an area very suitable for outdoor activities. It has a vast region and a colorful variety of natural landscapes. Hiking, cycling, or mountaineering are all good choices when traveling outdoors in this region. Foreign tourists to Tibet need to travel with a tourist group, and we provide a package tour and a self-organized package tour for foreign tourists.

Lhasa is the tourist distribution center of Tibet. It is a more developed city with a prosperous business. You can buy many brands of outdoor products here. Lhasa has many outdoor products stores to meet tourists' needs. If you forget to bring the necessary outdoor equipment, you can communicate with the tour guide after arriving in Lhasa, and let the guide to take you to professional stores to buy. But pay attention to fake products when buying.

You'll arrive at Darchen Town first when traveling to Kangrinboqe. It is a small town developed by hikers. It keeps growing bigger and has all sorts of stores. You can also buy the necessary hiking items here.

We provide tourists to Tibet with various routes to choose according to their different needs. We have wedding photography groups, hiking groups, professional photography groups, and other groups. Tourists can choose a group they want to join according to their interests and needs. We will organize a private Tibet outdoor tourist group for you if you have other special needs for the trip to Tibet, such as cycling, motorcycling, and so on.

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