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Toyota 4500 SUV Withdrawn from Tibet

For every friend who has been to Tibet, the Toyota 4500 SUV is the main means of transportation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for many years. Its superior cross-country performance and comfortable passenger ride experience make it an unforgettable memory to gallop on the vast land of Tibet. Cars carry us galloping on the vast Qiangtang grassland, the rugged and winding roads of Mount Qomolangma, and the river and iron ditches full of flowers.

Unfortunately, all Toyota 4500 SUVs and Toyota 100 SUVs with Tibetan tourism licenses are out of use.

Here are the reasons why Toyota 4500 SUV is released from Tibet.

1. New Toyota 4500 SUV is very expensive, so all of Tibet's Toyota 4500 are used cars and have reached their retirement age.

2. Since the vehicle is fit for driving on the plateau, it has taken over a portion of the regular tourist cars in Tibet's tourism market in the past ten years.

After the suspension of the Toyota 4500 in Tibet, here are some explanations for the Tibetan tour charter

Q1:Does this mean that if we take a commercial vehicle, there are many tourist destinations that we can't reach?

Answer:In recent years, great changes have taken place in the road conditions in Tibet, which is the result of the government's increased investment in Tibet's transportation infrastructure. For those who want to try the regular route for the first time, they can travel entirely in commercial vehicles.

Here are the routes that commercial vehicles can take.

1: Nyingchi-Bomi-Rawu line; 2: Yamdroktso lake- Shigatse- Mount Everest line; 3: Shannan Prefecture- Tsetang- Samye monastery line; 4: Southern Ngari line; 5: Namtso line

It’s convenient for the business tourist bus to travel to much more places apart from some itineraries of northern Ngari line, Ngari loop line and Shannan depth tour line. For those tourists who plan to visit the aforementioned tours, relevant tourism departments will propose solutions as soon as possible. If you want more information, just call the official Tibetan tourism hotline (4001175028) or learn more from the public Wechat of Tibetan tourism: iamzangke. You will get more information you want from our Customer Service Representative.

Q2: Can the existing commercial vehicles in Tibet satisfy the needs of the tourism market?

Answer: After attentive consideration, the government decides to withdraw Toyota 4500 SUV from Tibet. There are two reasons. For one, other conventional tourist buses in Tibet can fully satisfy the demands of tourists. For two, these cars can also provide good protection for tourists.

Q3: Will the cost of purchasing commercial vehicles be higher than that of off-road vehicles?

Answer: That's what most people are most concerned about. But we can answer you responsibly that everyone costs the same. Having more seats, the average cost of each tourist does not change much, although the overall price of commercial car pooling is higher. Additionally, if the price rises unreasonably, the relevant departments will also consider increasing the number of commercial vehicles listed on the market.

Q4: What are the existing commercial vehicles in Tibet's general tourist car market? How to choose?

JAC Refine business car ( 6 - 7 people are recommended); Hyundai business car ( 6 - 7 people are recommended); Buick business car (5 - 6 people are recommended); Ford Transit (8 - 11 people are recommended); Toyota coaster (13 - 16 people are recommended)

With so many commercial vehicles for your choice, you can rest assured in the Tibetan tourist market. If you only have one or two people for traveling, it is not recommended that you choose any model alone. Our advice is to find some partners, which is also very important. You can find three or five people with a common destination to share the fare and go Dutch for the cost of board and lodging. Therefore, the Tibetan tourism account is like a special Tibetan tourism dating platform. On this platform which provides a lot of reliable information, everyone can find the right dating information.

Q5: Are there some unlicensed cars in the Tibetan tourist car market? Is there any potential problem with using it?

There is no doubt that the shutdown of Toyota 4500 will lead to a shortage of vehicles in the Tibetan tourist car market in a short time. This may provide the possibility for some unlicensed cars to enter the tourism market. Therefore, the relevant regulatory authorities will also strengthen the investigation of these unlicensed cars in the meantime.

Not only do you have to bear the risk of forfeiture of unlicensed cars, but you also face a bad situation after the accident, including claims. Therefore, we recommend that tourists choose some regular licensed traveling cars in order to avoid a lot of trouble in travel.

These are some explanations for those who have made reservations on the Tibetan Tourist Charter Platform.

As a result of the new policy, Tibetan tourism adheres to the principle of customer first, and solemnly commits itself to the following.

You don't have to worry if you have an appointment on the Tibet Tourist Charter Platform. We have a large number of drivers of commercial cars. Today's road conditions are much better than before. Our commercial cars can reach many tourist routes. In addition, we would like to assure you that if you need to change the model, our Customer Service Representative will help you and we will bear the possible losses.

Wish you a pleasant journey!

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