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How to Choose a Reliable Tibet Travel Agency?

International tourists cannot travel with a backpack freely if they want to travel to the fascinating Tibet. They can travel in Tibet only after provided with a professional tour guide and a driver through the travel agency and applying for Tibet Travel Permit. Therefore, it is the key to your successful trip that you find a reliable and experienced Tibet travel agency.

What Qualities Should a Reliable and Experienced Tibet Travel Agency Have?

1. An experienced travel agency will make the application of various documents needed for entering Tibet more smooth.

A travel agency that serves foreign tourists to Tibet for a long time will handle the documents needed for entering Tibet for customers very easily. We are clear with all the procedure of the application of the documents and various problems that may encounter, and can deal with problems more quickly to help customers to get Tibet Travel Permit successfully and directly. We'll hand it to you before you go to Tibet by train or by plane.

2. An experienced Tibet travel agency will plan your trip more reasonably and comfortably.

Tibet has lots of tourist attractions. It takes a long time to drive from one tourist attraction to another, and they're all at different altitudes. Therefore, the trip cannot be planned too casually. How to help tourists learn about the more beautiful Tibet in a limited time is the duty of our travel agency. We'll recommend the most cost-effective Tibet travel route with the most beautiful scenery for you during your planned time and season, so as not to leave regrets for your trip to Tibet.

3. A reliable Tibet travel agency will arrange a tour guide and a driver who are more suitable for the trip.

The Tibetan landscape is mainly about nature and humanity. It is unnecessary to explain the natural landscape. What the eyes see is heaven. Tourists who have little knowledge of history and culture will have no idea about the cultural landscape, especially the temples. They can learn about the essence of Tibetan culture, only with their eyes looking at the exquisite murals and buildings and their ears listening to the professional and accurate explanation of the tour guide.

As an old Tibet travel agency, our tour guides are all local Tibetans who understand the local culture and history. They are professional tour guides who have been trained and tested, and can speak Chinese, Tibetan, and English. They know about local customs and can serve you better. They can also lead you to experience the most indigenous Tibetan life. Our drivers are also experienced drivers who travel between places in Tibet all year round. They are familiar with roads and routes, knowing where there is a good viewing angle. They are the living map of tourist attractions in Tibet that help tourists learn about Tibet and enjoy the view better.


4. A reliable Tibet travel agency will make your entire trip to Tibet more comfortable and pleasant.

It is the most vivid statement of most package tours that tourists get on the bus to sleep and get off to take photos. Tourists were most dissatisfied with "compulsory shopping" when having a package tour. But Tibet package tour is different because the tour guide and the driver all serve customers. Your trip will be more successful only with the explanation and help of the tour guide and the driver when traveling in Tibet.

Only with the explanation of the tour guide, the temples and buildings in Tibet can be history and art. Only with the guidance of the tour guide, tourists can enjoy the most beautiful scenery from the best viewing angle. Only with the help of the driver, tourists can be safer during the winding trip in Tibet.

All of our Tibet tourist groups are purely travel groups without compulsory shopping. Instead, tourists will ask the tour guide to lead them to buy some local tourist souvenirs when coming to the very exotic Tibet. Our tour guide will also meet your needs.

Part of your trip may be accompanied by altitude sickness. Then the experienced tour guide and the driver will help you relieve the symptom to continue the trip. Your trip will feel more at ease with their help.

What Tibet Tourist Services Do We Have?

More and more Tibet travel agencies emerge with the development of Tibetan tourism. Services provided by every travel agency are virtually the same. We provide many Tibet tourist services as a travel agency that has served foreign tourists to Tibet for many years.

1. The Application of Tibet Travel Permit and Other Documents Needed for a Trip to Tibet

Foreign tourists need to provide Tibet Travel Permit and other documents when entering Tibet by train or by plane. Tibet Travel Permit cannot be applied for separately. But we'll apply for various documents needed for traveling to Tibet for you without any charge, as long as you choose our Tibet tourist group or Tibet self-organized tourist group service. Documents are usually required to be submitted two weeks in advance. After the completion of the application, we'll send the necessary original or copy of Tibet Travel Permit to the hotel in the city where you choose to take a train or a plane to enter Tibet. For example, Tibet Travel Permit will be sent to the hotel you book in Chengdu, if you choose to enter Tibet from Chengdu by plane so that you can receive the document in time.

2. The Tibetan Tour Guide and the Driver


The tour guide and the driver are the two most important services provided by a Tibet package tour. An experienced tour guide and a driver will become your friends during your trip. They will tell you about the history and culture of Tibet, about where the scenery is more beautiful, where the food is more delicious, and where the souvenir is more affordable.


3. Tibet Tourist Vehicles

It all depends on tourist buses to travel between tourist attractions in Tibet. For example, it takes more than 12 hours to drive from Lhasa to Mount Everest. It is generally divided into two steps: get accommodation in Shigatse first, and then go to Everest Base Camp the next day. Our Tibet tourist group, also a top-quality small group, has an average of no more than 12 people. We'll provide tourist vehicles with a more comfortable space according to the specific number of group members to ensure the space and comfort of passengers.

4. Hotels in Tibet

The accommodation is an indispensable factor during a trip. Tibet has lots of hotels, but not many of them are qualified to serve foreign tourists. You can plan your trip and book transportation and hotels all by yourself. Then you send the information to the travel agency to apply for the necessary documents and travel to Tibet with a tour guide and a driver. The entire process is tedious, although it is the closest way to a self-guided trip indeed. We combine the experience of many tourists in Tibet, providing you with the most cost-effective and comfortable hotels to ensure your sleep.

5. The Trip Planning in Tibet

A good Tibet travel plan will make a trip more comfortable and at ease. Due to the general high altitudes, a trip to Tibet has certain particularity. An unreasonable trip planning is easy for tourists to suffer from altitude sickness repeatedly. With many years of package tour experience, we conclude a trip planning that can relieve altitude sickness for tourists best, preventing tourists from suffering from altitude sickness during their trip to Tibet.

6. Tickets for Tourist Attractions in Tibet

Tickets are required for all tourist attractions in Tibet except for some natural landscapes that can be seen on the way. Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, and other hot tourist attractions in Tibet require a reservation to visit due to the limitation of the visitors' number. We'll buy tickets for tourist attractions and make a reservation to visit in advance based on your trip, allowing you to have enough time for sightseeing according to your planning.

Pay attention that some package tours include tickets for tourist attractions. Please read the included and excluded charges of our trip in detail when booking.

7.The booking Service for Air Tickets and Train Tickets to Tibet

It is known to all that there is only one railway to enter Tibet now, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. There are only five trains a day, and sleeper tickets are very limited. It is difficult to buy tickets during the peak tourist season. We can also buy the Qinghai-Tibet Railway ticket for you if choosing the Qinghai-Tibet Railway tour. Please book your trip at least 40 days in advance and provide the relevant information. Tourists who choose our Tibet train tour can enjoy the ticket booking service.

8. The Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service in Tibet

We'll send a driver to pick you up at the airport or the railway station so that you won't feel strange and lonely after arriving in Tibet. The driver will also take you to the airport or the railway station when you leave Tibet so that you can end your trip safely and at ease.

Why Don't We Provide the Catering Service during the Trip to Tibet?

In the list of services provided by Tibet travel agency above, we do not mention the catering service in Tibet. Three meals in Tibet are not included in all charges of a package tour, except hotels providing breakfast. The traditional group meals are Chinese meals that many people share some traditional meals at one table. We do not provide such kind of group meal for the following reasons.

1. Food habits are different.

Food habits are all different between foreign tourists. Some are vegetarians, some eat without MSG, and others don't eat spicy food. Therefore, it can ensure that tourists eat well and comfortably during the trip to Tibet if they choose restaurants and dishes freely.

2. It is convenient to taste local Tibetan food.

Tibet has many delicacies and has formed a unique Tibetan cuisine. It also combines local food styles to develop different dishes. Tourists can let the guide to recommend local specialty restaurants to them and taste those dishes.

3. The mealtime is uncertain.

It cannot be guaranteed to have meals exactly in the mealtime when you're in Everest Base Camp, Kangrinboqe, and other places with harsh conditions, except bigger cities where have many restaurants for tourists to choose such as Lhasa, Shigatse, and Nyingchi. Therefore, tourists can discuss with the guide that they may buy some food in food supply stations and have meals on the way.

4. There are abundant ways of dining to choose from.

The recommendation from Tibet travel agency

Tourists choose what to eat for dinner by themselves.

It is not necessary to have meals in a restaurant in Tibet. You can also choose to have meals under the blue sky with white clouds, as well as places where the scenery is excellent. Local Tibetans have the custom of going to the traditional garden during the festival, which means having a picnic. Tourists can choose to have a picnic or cook food outdoors during the trip. Having a picnic and outdoor dining are very common during the hiking in Tibet.

There are many Tibet travel agencies and agencies recommended online. You have to choose a reliable experienced Tibet travel agency if you want to have a comfortable and unforgettable trip to Tibet, and we'll not let you down.

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