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Tibet Weather in Summer

Summer in Lhasa

Lhasa is completely different from the mainland in summer. It is neither hot nor humid. Instead, it is very cool and comfortable. It is not as dry as winter. In terms of temperature, the average is 22 degrees Celsius during the day. It is recommended to wear a short suit of single-layer cotton linen fabrics, T-shirts, thin denim pants and casual wear. Comfortable clothes such as professional suits; average is 9 degrees Celsius at night, it is recommended to wear warm clothes such as suits, jackets, windbreakers, casual wear, jackets, suits, and thin sweaters.

Occasionally winds during the day, the sun is shining, but at night the temperature drops, there is the possibility of rain, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, remember to prepare a warm jacket. The rainfall is concentrated in June-September, the annual precipitation is 200-510 mm, and the annual sunshine time is 3000 hours.

July-August is the month with the most concentrated rainfall in Lhasa. It usually rains at night and has little effect on travel. The most special thing is the sunshine time. Lhasa in the summer is a city full of Sunlight. It will be dark at around 20:00pm-21:00pm, and the time difference is the most important factor.

Visiting the Potala Palace in the summer, and it will sweat with slightly the sun shines, but the palace is extraordinarily cool, surrounded by a breeze, mixed with the taste of Tibetan incense and ghee, and the bright colors of the murals are unique. Walk down from the palace, the Zongjiao Lukang Park is behind, it's shaded by trees and flowers, and it is the leisure place for the citizens of Lhasa. The lake that is in the center of the park fluctuates, and this is how the watermark Lassa map was taken.

Lhasa has been particularly lively since August, as the annual "Sho Dun Festival" is about to take place. This is the only religious and cultural festival next to the Tibetan New Year and it is a grand banquet. The theme of the banquet is the Buddhist display ritual at the Drepung Monastery. The huge Thangka is launched at this time of the year, accompanied by Tibetan opera, horse racing and other activities, which are usually not common, and very rare. At eight o'clock in the morning, on the mountainside behind the Drepung monastery, the giant Buddha statue made of multicolored silk slowly appears peaceful in the first light of dawn. Monks in Burgundy robes chant Buddhist sutras and worship before the Buddha statue.

Namtso in Summer

During the day, you can stay in Namtso with a sweater and a thicker coat. The temperature will be 20 degrees Celsius during the day and drop down to about 10 degrees Celsius at night. If you have a windbreaker, you can bring it with you. At night, the temperature of Namco will be much lower compare with the daytime. At this time, you need a down jacket or a sweater, and the coat has to be thick. Watch the sunrise and sunset of Namco must be very impressive, and please pay attention to the cold and high altitude sickness.

In the summer, there are many people coming to Namtso to see the stars, because the Namtso Lake is in very high altitude, commonly known as "Heavenly Lake", and the stars at night are twinkling, projected on the lake, water and sky, blending into a 360-degree night scene. Due to the protection of the Namtso Scenic Area, accommodation is closed, and the lake is windy and the lake is cold and not suitable for overnight stays.

During the daytime, the waters and skies merge in one color; blue sky, white clouds reflected on the lake, with the clear water. Equally fascinating by the visitors.

Nyingchi in Summer

The average temperature in Nyingchi is 10 ~ 21 degrees Celsius in summer and 21 degrees Celsius in the daytime. It is recommended to wear short suits, T-shirts, thin jeans, casual clothes, professional suits and other comfortable clothes made of single layer cotton and linen fabric. At night, an average of 10 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to wear suits, jackets, trench coats, casual wear, jackets, suits, thin sweaters and other warm clothes.

Summer is the most colorful appearance of the Lulang forest as the Gesang flowers are swaying on the grassland, and herdsmen drive their cattle and sheep to graze in the distance. In the town of Lunang, restaurants are beginning to welcome visitors from afar and you may wish to enjoy the local cuisine of steamed chicken.

Ngari Region in Summer

Ngari Region was divided into two distinct seasons of obvious dry and drought. From May to September, the rainfall is very concentrated, generally accounting for more than 80% of the annual precipitation. In August the temperature can up to 10 ℃ above during the day, can wear trench coat, sweaters, and at night the temperature fell to below 0 ℃, need to put on thick cotton-padded clothes or jacket.

It seems not suitable to live in, but it has bred the brilliant culture of Shangshung, and Guge dynasty culture. It is famous for the high cold, but also the rivers and lakes are criss-crossing. The mountain ranges of Gangtise and Himalaya are meet here, and mountain trekking is the best choice to get to Ngari in the summer. Summer is relatively free of extreme weather and cold, as outdoor activities request suitable weather.

Tips on Visiting Tibet in Summer:

1. In the summer, you should do a good job of sun protection. The ultraviolet rays are strong and easy to tan and get sunburn. It is necessary to take some more water and vitamins. Although the oxygen in summer is higher than in winter, the air density is small, but there is still a high possibility of getting high altitude sickness. Therefore, it is recommended not to exercise vigorously and prevent getting colds.

2. During the Sho Dun Festival, a large number of people flowed to Drepung Monastery, thus it is not recommended to bring small children. The flow of people is large. As the number of people waiting to see the Buddha ceremony is growing, please pay attention to your safety. Followed the instructions by the tour guide, change the departure time or route according to the situation. .

3. Both the Sho Dun Festival and the Ngari Mountain trekking are request long time in the outdoors. Therefore, you need to prepare cold clothing and sunscreen, moisturizing products.

4. The average elevation of the Ngari Rigion is above 4,000 meters, the air is thin, so it is also necessary to prevent high altitude sickness and physical discomfort. Trekking around the mountain requires physical strength and endurance, so it must ensure to get enough sleep and keeping good mentality, and replenish body moisture at any time; bring cold clothes, dry food, sunscreen items are also very necessary. On the way to the mountain, there was no chance to take a bath, and the conditions for replenishment along the way were limited. Therefore, it is recommended to stay in a conditional hotel one night before departure.

5. If you have riding plan in Ngari, you can do your homework in advance. You can take a ride by a professional tour guide. If there is a sudden situation along the way, you can ask for help at any time toward the local Tibetans. Although the language is the barrier, the Tibetans were very warm and hospitable. Appropriate rest during riding is very necessary. Try to avoid riding at night or taking Niche route. Ngari is sparsely populated and there are many wild animals, such as Tibetan antelopes and wild donkeys are along the way. The Tibetan mastiffs are fierce, please do not make fun or step in their territory. Because Ngari's natural environment is fragile, it is important to protect the environment.

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