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Tibet Weather in Autumn

Autumn is the true beginning of changing in the valley and the jungle.

Lhasa Weather in Autumn

The average temperature in Lhasa is 1 °C ~ 15 °C as the temperature enter into autumn.The average temperature during the day is 15 °C and it is recommended to wear warm clothes such as suits, jackets, windbreakers, casual wear, jackets, suits, and thin sweaters. The average t temperature at night is 1 °C and it is recommended to wear thick warm clothes such as cotton coats, winter coats, leather jackets, thick coats, hats, gloves, down jackets and leather jackets.

In the autumn climate, precipitation decreased, but in September, there was more rain at night, and the temperature was low after the night rain. During the day, the sunshine was sufficient, the radiation was strong, and the air gradually became dry. In the autumn, the wind in Lhasa was distinct weakening, the air was cool, and the temperature difference between day and night is still very large.

In the autumn, Lhasa is wrapped in gold, the sun and leaves are golden, and the whole city is shining. From October on, the number of tourists gradually decreases, and at this time, believers from all over come to make pilgrimages, and Lhasa opens a new face -- a holy and desirable city of faith. Since late September, Tibet has been covered by golden trees, but it is still warm and the weather is stable without rain, snow or wind. By mid-late October, Tibet is completely covered by golden yellow.

Friends who like the sky can find the most suitable perspective in Lhasa in autumn. The sky is high and clear, the air is fresh. There are two places in the city that can show the color of the autumn one is the Zong Jiao Lu Kang Park and the Summer Palace Norulingka where behind the Potala palace. Over there, people could sit at leisure, basking in the autumn sun and drinking local sweet tea.

Walking on the Barkhor Street, there is an endless stream of devout believers, holding a prayer wheel, reading silently, surrounding the Jokhang temple circle after circle, facing towards the Jokang temple bowing down deeply, place yourself among them, you may deeply infect.

Shannan Weather in Autumn

Shannan has a temperate and arid climate. The average daytime temperature along Gyaca is 14 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to wear cotton-padded clothing, winter coat, leather jacket, tweed coat, felt hat, gloves, down jacket, fur jacket and other heavy and warm clothes.

At night, the average is about 5 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to wear thick warm clothes such as cotton coats, winter coats, leather jackets, thick coats, felt hats, gloves, down jackets and leather jackets.

Because the sea wave is lower than other areas in Shannan, the vegetation here is lusher, wide varieties, diverse and colorful. In addition to the iconic golden yellow poplar forest, the Yarlung Zangbo River is dotted with red vegetation and rich green plants. The layers are stacked and stretched out, without the dust and desolateness, and added some more vitality.

If you go further, the grassland in Shannan is an attraction rarely visited by ordinary tourists. There are many national protected animals. The excellent ecological environment provides an ideal home for black-necked cranes and blue sheep. Although Shannan forest has many trees, but the air is still dry, land hasn't watered by rainfall is drier, tourists have to Keep hydrated and preserve moisture always.

Since we went to Shannan, we still can't let go off visiting the Yamdrok Lake. In the autumn, the Yamdrok Lake has low humidity in the air, high visibility, sufficient light, and strong contrast of the lake, but your hairstyle is still easily blown in a mess by the wind, it is recommended to wear a hat and scarf.

Yamdrok Lake has a different blue in four seasons, autumn is deep blue, with the sky printed in one color, along the lake are the running sheep and harvested highland barley, every year many couples coming here to take wedding photos.

Namtso Weather in Autumn

In autumn, I personally think that it is the best season to visit Namtso. At this time, the temperature of Namtso is not too low which is about 12 degrees Celsius during the day. Regarding the jacket: casual wear, outdoor wear, sportswear, etc. are applicable. Double or thick coats are recommended. Warm inside clothes at night: sweaters or warm suits, for those who afraid of the cold, physical weakness can be added appropriately.

In addition, Autumn is the best visibility time in Namco's, for those who want to shoot the sunset or the sun shining on the lake, highly suggested to go to Namtso at this time. Wearing a sweater and a thick coat during the day can be warm enough. The temperature will be lower in the evening, and you need to wear a thick sweater and a thick coat. (People are rarely going out at night, they rather hides in a tent and roasts the fire. It is cold when get up in the morning to watch the sunrise.) Tips: Namtso is at a higher altitude and has a stronger UV. Please be prepared for the sun protection.

Tips on Visiting Tibet in Autumn:

1. Climate: Most parts of Tibet are dry, but it rains a lot from July to August, and roads are often blocked. The Ngari area is suitable for spring and autumn. The climate is optimum, and the oxygen content in the air is not too low. The road conditions are good, and it is also a good choice to go to the remote north of Nakqu.

2. Dry autumn is easy to result in skin and lips cracking, at this time must pay attention to keep moisturized, take good skin care, lip balm and sunscreen are still essential. Remember to hydrate at all times.

3. The temperature difference between morning and evening is quite large, and although it is still very warm during the day, winter jacket and warm clothes shall not be missed.

4. September in the autumn is the peak season for tourism. If you choose to enter Tibet by train, please purchase the ticket in advance. Since the train tickets are relatively tight, and the discounted air tickets are relatively few.

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