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Tibet Tour from Indonesia

It is easy to travel from Indonesia to Tibet. Tourists can directly fly from Jakarta to the cities in mainland China or Kathmandu. After that, you could take flights, trains or overland road trip to Lhasa enjoying the beautiful scenery along the journey. Here are some useful traveling tips as follows:

By Flight to China from Jakarta Indonesia

The travel plan can be made in advance. There are various flights from Jakarta to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Kathmandu. You could choose the flights you prefer and get the best deals by comparing the prices on different websites.

a. Jakarta to Beijing (Duration: 7h10m non-stop; up to 27h30m with 1 stop in KUL, BKK, ICN, HKG)

b. Jakarta to Shanghai (Duration: 6h15m non-stop; up to 17h with 1 stop in KUL, BKK, HKG)

c. Jakarta to Guangzhou (Duration: 5h non-stop; 11h:55, with 1 stop in KUL or BKK)

d. Jakarta to Chengdu (Duration: up to 15h50m, with 1 stop in KUL, SIN, BKK,XMN)

e. Jakarta to Hong Kong ( Duration: 5h5m non-stop; up to 6h50m with 1 stop in KUL, SIN, BKK)

After Your Arrival in China

Once we get your Tibet Permit from Tibet Tourism Bureau, we will send it to you at your hotel you stay by express delivery. The Tibet Travel Permit is essential for your trip to Tibet because it is required when traveling to Tibet by flight or train and it’s also used for hotel registration and checkpoints throughout Tibet. After you get the Tibet Permit, you can start your journey after a good rest.

From Beijing to Lhasa

By flight

Currently, there are two direct flights every day from Beijing to Lhasa with a stopover in Chengdu on the route to Lhasa which are run by Air China and China Southern Airline respectively. The flight flies from Beijing in the morning and arrives in Lhasa in the afternoon after about 5 hours, and the price of an air ticket is around 395 USD including airport tax during peak seasons.

It’s an unforgettable experience to travel from Beijing to Lhasa by train.The train No.Z21 from Beijing to Lhasa crosses 8 provinces from Northern China Plain to the world highest Qinghai-Tibet Plateau after about 40 hours and 30 minutes covering a distance of 3,757 kilometers which has been regarded as one of the three initial railway routes to Tibet. It would be a wise choice to take the train to Tibet which provides a good chance for beautiful scenery.

From Shanghai to Lhasa

By flight

There are three direct flights a day from Shanghai to Lhasa operated by China Eastern Airline, Tibet Airline and Air China. It usually takes 7 hours to travel from Shanghai to Lhasa by plane during which there is a stopover at Chengdu or Xi’an for about 1 hour. If you choose the fight of China Eastern Airlines, you just need to spend 6 hours to fly from Shanghai to Tibet with a cost of around 445USD for one way including airport tax and there is no discount for this flight all year around. It’s advised to confirm the exact prices of the flight by the airline you book.

By train

The train Z164 (return train Z166), as one of the early three railways linking with Tibet, connects Shanghai with Lhasa. The railway line covers 8 provinces from east to west China whose distance is 4373 km in total. It normally takes about 47.34 hours to reach Lhasa from Shanghai. When the train is moving in the mountains, the guides of each train will introduce the famous sights along the railway, the Tibetan customs and the Tibetan dishes by using Chinese, Tibetan language and English so that people coming from different places can understand.

From Guangzhou to Tibet

By flight

Nowadays, there are three direct flights between Lhasa and Guangzhou via Chongqing, which are operated by China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines. And the flight takes off from New Baiyun International Airport and arrives at Gonggar Airport of Lhasa every day that takes about 6 hours and another 1 hour is for the stopover at Chongqing.

By train

The train from Guangzhou to Lhasa(Z264) departs every other day at noon from the train station of Guangzhou which arrives at Lhasa Railway Station in the late afternoon on the third day after over 53 hours covering a distance of 4980 kilometers. It’s the longest train journey across Tibet. It’s highly recommended for railfans while it might be too hard for kids and the elderly because of its long journey.

From Hong Kong to Tibet

The distance from Hong Kong to Lhasa is around 2,423km. There is no direct train or flight to Lhasa from Hong Kong. As a result, tourists traveling from Hong Kong to Tibet need to transfer in Chengdu, Guangzhou, or Xining of mainland China. Here are 4 travel routes that you can choose:

a. Hong Kong---flight---Chengdu---flight---Xining---train(24h)---Lhasa

b. Hong Kong---flight---Chengdu---train(44h)---Lhasa

c. Hong Kong---flight---Chengdu---flight---Lhasa

(The entire fly itself only takes around 5:30h and after your arrival in Lhasa, do take a good rest in a hotel to get acclimatized to Tibetan plateau.)

d. Hong Kong--- Kowloon-Guangzhou Train (2h)---Guangzhou---train(52:41h)---Lhasa

By Flight to Kathmandu

For many Indonesians, it’s also a good choice to travel to Nepal first and further enter Tibet from Nepal either by flight or the epic route to Lhasa because of the close distance of Nepal to Tibet.

Jakarta to Kathmandu (Duration: 18h58m, with 1 stop in BKK, KUL, IST)

By flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa

There are 2 direct flights between Lhasa and Kathmandu which are run by Sichuan Airline and Air China separately, while the flight of Sichuan Airline departs every other day which takes around 1h30min. If you want to have the best view of snow-capped Mount Everest when the plane flies over the majestic Himalayas, it’s advised to choose the seat against the window which is on the left side of the plane. As soon as you arrive at Gonggar Airport of Lhasa, our Tibetan guide will be meeting you with auspicious Hada outside the airport and your Tibet Permit will also be prepared at the same time.

By the Epic Overland Tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa

It’s advised to take the overland road trip if you want to fully explore the true beauty of Nepal and Tibet and experience the exotic culture, which is definitely better than flights. Our staff in Kathmandu will help you get to Gyirong Port, which is the current border of Sino-Nepal. When you go through the customs, your group tourist visa and Tibet permit will be checked. So you need to prepare them in advance. And our Tibetan guide will be waiting for you in Tibet. They are looking forward to your arrival. Normally, tourists will stay in Gyirong county for acclimation because of the drastic altitude asncent. After a good rest, tourists could gradually move eastward to visit Tingri, EBC, and Shigatse and finally arrive in Lhasa. Filled with astounding sights, spectacular Buddhist monasteries, holy alpine lakes, your tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa will be unique in your lifelong experiences. Since there are so many chances to meet local Tibetans that you could explore their exotic culture and custom from them.

Besides the information mentioned above, if you have more questions about the actual travel from Indonesia to Tibet, or you have other specific preferences for upcoming Tibet travel, you are welcomed to send us your inquiry and contact our professional travel consultants for free consultancy.

Five Best Months for Mount Kailash Tour from Indonesia

The Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are very popular tourist attractions in Tibet. For most tourists from Indonesia, April, May, June, September and October are the best five months for attending a Kailash Manasarovar tour. During this time, you could enjoy the continuous good weather and comfortable climates, and admire the most beautiful sceneries. Beside Mount Kailash, these five months are also the best time to see sunrise in the Mount Everest Base Camp.

If Indonesian tourists don’t have time to visit the Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar during these five months, July and August can be their second options. Although these two months are rainy season, the temperature is good for taking a tour and the sceneries are beautiful.

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