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The Quality of the Roads to Tibet

Last Updated: November 10th, 2019

1. Sichuan-Tibet northern way switch to southern way

  • Section 1 - Chengdu to Xinduqiao (For details,see the Sichuan-Tibet southern)
  • Section 2 - Xinduqiao to Bamei is new motorway.
  • Section 3 - Bamei to Gaanzi, parts of way are repaired.
  • Section 4 - The road quality of Ganzi to Xinluhai is good.
  • Section 5 - From Xinluhai to Dege, the road quality is normal except the ways of raise and down Queer Mount are poorer quality. Because the pits and big stones scattered on the way passing the Queer Mount and the snow is heavy this year, special attention should be paid when driving along the way. And we suggest that cars would better not try to pass over the Queer Mount now.
  • Section 6 - The way of Dege to Jiangda Tibet is gravel road which is wet and slippery, you must to prevent side slide especially in parts of twisting mountain road.
  • Section 7 - Jiangda to Tuoba town in Changdu(120km) was the worst road in northern, but now it has been rebuilt, hence the time passing this way is shortened a half to just spend 2.5 hours now.
  • Section 8 - The road quality of Changdu to Bangda is good. After passing over the Yela mountain pass there is a 40km gravel road between Bangda to Basu, it should be much more careful to drive in rainy and snowy weather since it is twisted down hill road.
  • Section 9 - There are also 55km road are repaired between Ranwu to Bomi during which special attention should be paid to the falling stones in rainy season. The way from Ranwu to Gulai glacier is so poor that the cars couldn’t drive on it. Tongmai is not restricted in driving, and the 23km way to Yigong lake is cross-country road, which need high quality vehicles and strong bodies. The way to Midui glacier is a 6km gravel road.
  • Section 10 - The road quality of Nyingtyi(Bayi) to Lhasa is better. (The earthquake in last year has no influence on the road quality )

2. Sichuan-Tibet northern way (Chamdo to Nagchu)

The entire way are gravel road.. Some parts of the way are in repair, so that the off-road vehicle could pass. But Chamdo to Leiwuqi is so diffcult to drive that many parts could not be passed normally. Especially in rainy season, special attention shall be paid to. Because of the bad road quality, the speed per hour is about 30-40km/h, drivers shall arrange their schedule accordingly.

3. Sichuan-Tibet southern way

The road quality of Chengdu to kangding is right. In Kangding, the part from up and pass over Zheduo mountain are bad, the road is pitted with holes and accompanied with short time road closure construction. The way from Xinduqiao to Litang is bumpy, you must take care of the sudden pits and bulging. The repairing of Litang to Batang has been basically finished, the length has been shorten about 30km compared with before. From Jinsha river to Mangkang, the road (68km) is valley gravel road, narrow and with many curves, take care of the falling stones or landslide in rainy season. It is in repairing recently, the time you spend on passing there increases by a half. The way from Mangkang to Zuogong is covered with gravel and clay and passes through Lantsang river, so it should be careful to drive. There are so much snow on Dongda mount that prevention of snowslide is necessary. Eespecially in rainy season, the landslide happens frequently.There is no problem from Zuogong to Bangda which is tar road. The following road sections have been described in the 1st paragraph.

4. Everest Mount

The way of Lhasa to Shigatse is newly built. If you choose the way from Yamzho Lake,pass through Langkazi, Jiangzi and Bailang to Shigatse or drive further 90km, the road section has been finished repairing, and there are polices monitoring the speed. The old way from Tingri to Rongbo Monastery has been repaired too. Now you can drive to Rongbo Monastery (the price is 400CNY/car), and you can buy the tickets of EBC on the crossing to Tingri. Attention, if you want to go to Zhangmu Port: the repairing of the road from Nielamu to Zhangmu is coming to a close, but sometimes it is also been restricted in driving.

5. Qinghai-Tibet (Gomud to Lhasa)

Some sections from Dangfula Mountains to Xidatan are difficult to pass by cars repairing because of the repairing in some parts. Fast driving and night driving should be taken more care on the road, special attention should be paid to the some sudden swells and pits on the way which may give you a “surprising”, and also high attention should be paid to your chassis in case of being damaged. The entire way from Yanshiping to Lhasa is monitored by polices, the time spent on the way may increase by 4hours than before.

6. Qinghai-Tibet (Xining - Yushu - Tibet)

Most parts of the ways from Xining to Maduo and Nangqian of Yushu, are smooth tar road. It is a 80km gravel road from Nangqian to Leiwuqi town. After entering Tibet the roads quality are right, but the roads from Leiwuqi town to Changdu and Naqu are terrible.

7. Namdrotso

This is a newly built road which is available for cars to pass. The time of single trip is about 4.5 hours with the speed limit set for this road.

8. Shannan,Tibet

The western part of this road is in good quality, but sections of Jiacha and Langxian on the way from Tsedang to Dongqusong are terrible. The road from Tsedang to Namdrotso is even worse.

9. Gannan

Start from Lan zhou via Linxia, Xiahe, Langmusi and Ruoergai to Chuanzhusi(cross to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong) the tar roads have been finished construction and in good road quality. By contrast, affected by Wenchuan earthquake, the roads from Songpan to Maoxian and Wenchuan are much worse.

10. Ngari

By contrast the roads in this area are worse and very complex, the way to Zhada is the hardest that cars are difficult to pass. Northern roads are in better condition (22Bandao—Cuoqin—Gaize—Geji—Shiquan river). A good news in southern roads is that about 100km road section from Bage to Shiquan river has been open to traffic. We suggest that self-drive travelers should better preview the travelling strategy and would better not go by cars, especially in rainy season.

After June, the accident of getting stuck in mud and puddle are frequently,you should prevent from repairing cars,asking help and fueling, because there are no regular petrol stations in Payang, Bage and Taqin.The repairing of the way from Bage to Pulan(about 70km) is coming to an end.. It is difficult to repairing and fueling on the way from Bangongcuo to Yecheng because you will pass an about 500km length of “life forbidding zone”

11. Yunan-Tibet

The entire road from Feilai Monastery to Yantian is in repair, it is necessary for you to consider your time schedule. The way from Yanjing to Mangkang is in good quality. Arriving in Mangkang, you are on Sichuan-Tibet southern way.

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