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Guide to Purchase Altitude Stress Medicine in Tibet

It is a tourist habit for many people to buy local products as souvenirs or gifts for friends when they travel to Tibet. In addition to buying souvenirs in Tibet, buying drugs and oxygen bottles to prevent altitude stress are also unique travel experiences in Tibet.

Are the drugs to prevent and control altitude stress purchased before or after entering Tibet?

The average altitude of Tibet's tourism is 4000 meters. In order to avoid altitude stress after entering Tibet, many tourists will start to take some preventive drugs before entering Tibet. There are also tourists who are very confident in their health. As a result, when they arrive in Tibet, they have altitude stress and have to buy treatment drugs in Tibet.

We remind tourists who plan to travel to Tibet that you can go to the tourism clinic of the local hospital for medical treatment before going to Tibet, and purchase and take the drugs that prevent and control altitude stress according to the doctor's advice. Do not buy drugs on the Internet by yourself or buy and take them in the drugstore after read information on the Internet.

Everyone's physique is different, and their reactions to drugs are different. Altitude stress drugs that are very effective for others may not be effective if you take them yourself, so you should follow the doctor's advice to buy and take drugs.

After arriving in Tibet, if you still have obvious altitude stress symptoms after three days' rest, you can go to the drugstore to ask the doctor, purchase and take the medicine according to the doctor's instructions, or you can ask our group guide for instructions. Generally, the guide will recommend the medicine to you according to your symptoms. After medical training, our tour guide has a certain understanding to the symptoms and response measures of altitude stress. In case of any discomfort, please communicate with the guide in time.

What are the drugs that can buy to prevent and control altitude stress in Tibet?

The drugs that treat and prevent altitude stress can buy in Tibet are mainly produced in China, especially in Tibet. These drugs have a very good effect on the treatment of various symptoms of altitude stress caused in Tibet.

Among many drugs, "gaoyuanan" is a drug that many mainland tourists have verified to be effective in the treatment of altitude stress. After taking gaoyuanan, tourists will have a lot of relief and comfort after half day's rest. If you have obvious headache, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms after entering Tibet, you can consult and purchase gaoyuanan and take it according to the doctor's advice.

What situations do you need to buy drugs and where can you buy them?

1. After getting off the train or plane, if you have obvious symptoms such as headache, dizziness, vomiting, nosebleeds, etc. It is recommended to purchase the altitude stress drugs near the railway station and airport, and then take a good rest on the car back to the hotel. After returning to the hotel, you can lie in bed and reduce activities.

2. If after 3 days’ rest in Lhasa, there is no significant reduction and relief, it is necessary to continue to purchase and take drugs. Because the following trip will reach the Yanghu viewing platform, Karuola Glacier and so on, which have a higher altitude. There are drugstores available in Lhasa's main business district.

3. When arriving at areas with an altitude of nearly 5000 meters such as Everest Base Camp or Ali, it is recommended to take altitude stress drugs if the altitude stress is aggravate suddenly, which have been relieved or even disappeared before. Generally, it is recommended that tourists purchase treatment drugs in advance in case of emergency when they go to high altitude areas.

When do you need to buy oxygen bottles and where can you buy them?

Generally speaking, oxygen bottles are not needed when you travel in Tibet. There are situations where oxygen bottles are required:

A. You will stay by Namtso lake, which is 4700 meters above sea level on the fourth day after arriving in Lhasa. In our trip, Namtso is usually in the last few days, but if it is to Nepal, you will go to Namtso after Lhasa's rest. The accommodation has risen from 3600m to 4700m suddenly. The time to Tibet is too short. So it is possible to breathe with oxygen.

B. You will stay in Rongbuk Monastery in Everest Base Camp, which is 5200 meters above sea level. It's a big challenge to stay in Mount Everest. In summer, when you stay in Everest Base Camp, the temperature and comfort are relatively high. There is no tent in winter, so you can only stay in Rongbuk Monastery area. The temperature is very low, which will increase the discomfort and may aggravate altitude stress.

C. You will stay in Mount Kailash, which is with an average altitude of more than 4500m. Changing mountains is an exercise that consumes oxygen greatly. After a day's exercise, there may be situations such as severe headache at night. At this time, if you can take some oxygen to relieve it, you can also quickly relieve the symptoms, which is helpful for rest.

where can you buy oxygen bottles or tanks?

In large drugstores in Tibet, you can basically buy small cans of oxygen bottles. Generally, you can buy a can for standby. You can also buy oxygen equipment in Shigatse, Ali and other regions. You can buy a can of oxygen bottles if you are worried about severe altitude stress.

It is not necessary to buy oxygen with medical advice or go to a hospital specially in Tibet. Tourists can buy oxygen according to their own needs. If you don't know where to buy it, you can ask the driver or guide. They will take the tourists to buy it.

It is suggested that you should not relieve the altitude stress rely on oxygen in Tibet. Oxygen can only be used as emergency supplies, but not for long-term use. If you absorb oxygen to alleviate altitude stress the moment you get off the plane or leave the railway station, you may rely on oxygen in the later stage, which will affect your travel experience and feelings.

In addition, if you have purchased oxygen but have no chance to use it all the time, please use up the oxygen after you leave Lhasa, because the oxygen bottles cannot be carried on the plane or train.

If it's a trip organized by yourself, you can also rent special medical oxygen equipment of large bottles in Lhasa, and return them after returning to Lhasa. If you need help, you can also turn to the driver and guide, who will help you.

To sum up, tourists can totally buy corresponding drugs and other things to relieve their symptoms according to their own physical reactions after arriving in Tibet. Maybe you didn't eat anything before arrive in Lhasa, and there is no adverse reaction after arriving, which is completely possible. Even if you have altitude stress after arriving, it's fine to take medicine at that time. It is convenient and effective to buy oxygen and altitude stress drug in Tibet.

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