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Why Take a Train to Enter Tibet

1. Tourists can experience the joy of long-distance journey by train

As a common means of transportation, long-distance train is not only a good way to travel, but also a way to experience the joy of life. It takes at least 21 hours to take the train from Qinghai to Tibet, during which tourists will have three meals a day on the train, sleep on the train, relax and entertain on the train. Visitors and passengers from different places gather in the small carriage and they stay together and see the same scenery, which is also a rare experience. The train from Qinghai to Tibet supplies oxygen in the cabin, which helps reduce the altitude sickness in high-altitude areas. Tourists can enjoy the scenery of the vast and magnificent plateau through the window, making this trip more attractive.

2. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery through the window

It is rare to see the trains on the plateau. The opening of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway not only makes it possible for the tourists to have more transportation options to enter Tibet, but the scenery along the way becomes the most unique sightseeing spot. There are a lot of wonderful scenery along the Qinghai-Tibet railway including the snow-capped mountains, lakes, blue sky and white clouds, and wild animals, which are all worth seeing. Most tourists who take the train from Qinghai to Tibet often carry a telescope, which can help you enjoy the beautiful scenery in a nearer distance and it’s more convenient to enjoy the rare wild animals such as Tibetan antelope.

3. Taking a train can effectively alleviate altitude sickness

The altitude sickness is the biggest concern for tourists to enter Tibet. Taking a train to Tibet can slow down the rate of elevation rise so that the body can gradually adapt to the rising altitude, effectively relieving possible symptoms of altitude sickness. It should be noted that the train space is relatively small, and people may also feel uncomfortable because of the closed cabin environment. It’s better to choose the soft sleeper that is the most comfortable and spacious.

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