Tibet Travel Permits

Who needs a PERMIT?
     1.Non-Chinese passport holders (including those of Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and other countries) must have an Alien's Travel Permit as well as a valid passport and visa to visit Tibet. Citizens from Hong Kong do not need a visa. A visa can be obtained from a local Chinese consulate in your country. Since the government encourages group tours to Tibet, the permit is issued only to tour groups traveling with a Chinese tour agency. Your travel agency will represent you in facilitating the application process. 

    2.A tourist visa, issued to foreigners who come to China for sightseeing and visiting relatives, is marked as an "L" visas. (If the category of your visa is not "L", please contact us for more information.) L visas are characterized by a short duration of stay (usually 30 days; no more than 90 days) and can not be extended upon expiration.

    3.Group visas, another kind of tourist visa, are applied by foreigners traveling in tour groups. Group visas are not issued on the passports, but on a separate paper, which requires the group members to enter and exit the Chinese border together.

    4.If you are coming to Lhasa from Nepal, you need to get a Chinese visa from Kathmandu.  Even if you already got the visa in your country, you must get a visa in Kathmandu, as this is a regulation in an official memo between China and Nepal.


Important Issues about Tibet Permits:
    1. All kinds of people can get Tibet permits through a travel agencies with the exception of diplomats, journalists, and government officials who must  travel to Tibet under the arrangement of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Tibet Government.
    2. Generally, it takes three days to get the TTB once you supply all the necessary documents. After having a permit, you or a travel agency can buy the plane or train ticket. Show the permit when checking in.
    3. traveler’s personal information is required for the TTB Permit: name, nationality, passport number, sex, date of birth, occupation and the photocopies of the photo page of your passport and your Chinese visa.
    4. If you do not book any tour package from us, we can not help you get the permits. No travel agency can provide 'permit-only' service.
    5. Only the guide can carry the permit upon your arrival to Tibet. Tourists must give the permit to the guide; they can not carry it themselves.


How to get the travel permits?
First: Confirm your itinerary with us.
: Simply send us your
     1) occupation;
Photocopies/scan of the photo pages of your passport your Chinese visa.

      1.Passport+ tourist (L) Visa:
      2.Passport+ visiting (F) visa+ a letter of recommendation from your company (with the official company seal).
      3.Passport+ business (Z)  visa+ a letter of recommendation from your company (with the official company seal) and a scanned/ photocopy of your working permit (issued by the government)
      4.Passport+Residence Permit+Working certificate in Chinese

      5.Student (X) visa+ a letter of recommendation from your school or university, with the school stamp (seal) and a scanned copy of the student ID card 

    1.You need to apply for the travel permit at least 15 days prior to your entry date.
    2.If you do not book any tour package from us, we are unable to help you get the permits. No travel agency can provide "permit-only" service. Concerning this,Lonely Planet states:
        "Lhasa PSB will not issue travel permits to indivuals and will direct you to a travel agency. Agencies can arrange a travel permit to almost anywhere but only if you book a tour package."

Question: How much is a Tibet permit?
Answer: First of all, please note that we never SELL a permit. We only help you obtain a permit from the local authority. As mentioned above, the cost for a permit includes the charge by the government and the service fees by our travel agency. This cost is included in the quote for the tour package. 
Question: how long does it take to get a Tibet permit?
Answer: Generally it takes 7 working days to get the Tibet permit IN The BUSY SEASON  when you supply all the necessary documents. However, it will take another 3 days (or more) to Express Deliver the permit to you.

There are a total of FOUR possible documents required for foreign tourists who want to travel to/within Tibet.
     1.The Chinese Visa, which you can apply for at a Chinese Embassy in your country (If you go to Tibet via mainland China).


     2.Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit permit
     This is necessary for entry to Lhasa or any other part of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, and is obtained as part of tour arrangements for travel to Tibet. When you take a flight or train to Lhasa you need to show this permit upon checking in. Also, when you buy a flight or train ticket to Lhasa you need to show this permit. TTB permit is also needed by groups traveling by Land Cruiser but this will be arranged by the travel agency organizing the trip. 

      3.Alien Travel Permit ( PSB Permit)permit
     This is required to visit 'unopened' or restricted areas. It is issued by the  Foreign Affairs Section of the local Public Security Bureau (PSB). Application for it can be done upon arrival to Lhasa. For tour groups, our guide will ask you for your passport and TTB permit and submit it to the Foreign Affairs Section of the PSB. It normally takes several hours and the cost is 50 Yuan/person. For individual travelers, you need to join the tours to 'unopened' areas, and the local travel agencies will arrange the permit as well. Please note that without joining a tour group, this permit can not be issued. This permit requires foreign traveler to be accompanied by a guide and private vehicle . there is a picture of the Aliens’ Travel Permit below.
    Pesently, you have to apply for an Aliens’ Travel Permit if you are planning to visit the following places:
    Tsedang: Samye Monastery, the Tombs of the Tibetan Kings, Trandruk Monastery, Yumbulakhang
    Shigatse: Sakya Monastery, Mt. Everest, Rongphu Monastery
    Gyangtse: Pelkor Chode Monastery & Kubum Stupa Ngari Region: Mt.Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Tsaparang, Ali
    Nyingchi Region: Basumtso, Pomi, Rawotso
    Chamdo Region: Chamdo, Riwoche, Tengchen

    4.Military Permit
    This permit is required for travelers planning to visit some military sensitive areas such as Mt锛 Kailash and eastern Tibet . For Tholing and Tsaparang in western Tibet you will also need a permit from the local Cultural Antiquities Department. All these will be arranged by the tour agency when you book a tour. For remote places such as the Yarlung Tsangpo gorges or the Bonri Kora in eastern Tibet, or for any border area, you need the tour agency to get permits for you.

Question: How can you send the Permit to me, or how can I receive it?
a. If your last stop before entering Tibet is in China mainland, we can mail express the travel permit to the place you will be staying, e.g. your home address, postal code if you work and live in China, or the hotel name, address, postal code if you are travel in China. You will be receiving an EMS (Express Mail Service) envelope in which the permit is put.

b. If you only have a flight connection in one certain city, we have some one come to the airport to pass you the permit in person.      


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